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suag [súag] v To have something dig into somebody (as of a protruding object like a nail sticking up in a chair). tusok Nasuag ako it lansang tong ako ay nagpangahoy sa baybay. A nail dug into me when I was getting wood at the house.

bubog [búbog] n Particles, pieces, shards of something broken (as of bottles). Soksok it tsinelas agor indi ka masuag it bubog it botilya. Wear thongs so that the particles of broken glass won’t stick into your feet. (sem. domains: - Piece.)

palitis₁ [palítis] v To treat a nail wound with local medicine (as of made from tobacco dipped in oil which is heated and dropped into a wound from rusty metal to prevent tetanus). Kag suag ni Doming ay gingpalitisan it tabako ag lana para indi sida matitanus. The hole were something dug into Doming was treated with tobacco and oil medication so he wouldn’t get tetanus. (sem. domains: - Medicinal plants.)

saop [sáop] v To go completely, right into something (as of a sharp object). Kag ako siki ay nasaop nak gador it aroma tong masuag ako pag pangahoy sa baybay. A thorn tree that was sticking up really went right into my foot when I was gathering wood at the beach.

suwat [suwát] v To pry something up, out lifting from underneath (as of a hammer removing nails, roots breaking up cement). sikwat Asuwaton nato kag lansang it martilyo para indi makasuag. We’ll pry out the nail with the hammer so it won’t dig into someone.