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suhot [súhot] 1.1vbt To go underneath; to go inside, through a small opening. Nagsuhot kag mananakaw sa irayom it bayay para magtago. The thief went underneath the house to hide. Ingsuhutan nako ikaw pagrangoy. I went through your legs when swimming. 1.2vt To go underneath to get, retrieve something. suotan Asuhuton nako ka tsinelas sa irayom it lamesa. I will go underneath the table to get the slippers. Nasuhutan kono kag kabade it mga itlog it linta kag nagkakaligos sida sa ragat. The eggs of leeches entered the woman while she was bathing in the ocean. [There are stories of women being impregnated when the eggs of either leeches, squid, etc. enter a woman’s womb and mutliply there. It is suspected that women are susceptible when bathing during menstruation.]

suhot-suhot [suhot-súhot] vt To crawl, creep through small spaces (as through holes, ways). gapang Ingpasuhot-suhot kag mga sundalo sa mga kakahuyan para indi mamalayan it inra mga kaaway. The soldiers were made to crawl through the jungle so as not to be noticed by their enemies.