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sunggo [súnggò] v To bump into things as one runs. untog Nagkasunggo kag mga mananakaw paglahay sa inra it iro dahil maruyom. The thieves bumped into things as they were chased by the dog because it was dark.

sunggor [súnggor] v To run fast stumbling and bumping into things (as of objects or getting caught on thorns). Kag mananakaw it manok ay nagpanununggor sa kasiitan it kararayagan dahil nahadlok sa tag-iya. The chicken thief ran stumbling and getting tangled in the thorns as he ran because of his fear of the owner.

sunggoy [súnggoy] v To carry on head. magsúnong Waya sida nahuda magsunggoy it usang sakong bugas. He’s not ashamed to carry one sack of rice on his head. [An expression used about a man whose wife is going out on him is sungoy tai meaning ‘he’s being shit on ’ (lit. ‘carry feces on the head’).] (sem. domains: 7.3.1 - Carry.)