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suyot [suyót] n A handheld cutting tool, wider than a sickle, used for cutting grass, crops. (sem. domains: 6.7.1 - Cutting tool.)

saysay₁ [sáysay] 1n Metal to be used by blacksmith. bakal 2vbt To beat, shape metal for making machete, ploughshares (as by a blacksmith). saysay Asaysayon nida nak sunrang kag saysayon. He’ll beat the metal into a machete. Sa liwas ninra’t bayay kag ida asaysayan. He’ll beat the metal outside of their house. Asaysayan nida ka ida nanay it suyot. He’ll beat the metal into a trowel for her mother. der. manogsaysay

sikwat [síkwat] 11.1n To pry, dig, lever something from underneath to raise it (as of a lid off a tin, repotting plant, removing a nail, levering off attached wood). sikwat Ingsikwat nida’t martilyo kag inra sayog nak ailisan it bag-o. He pried their floor that will be replaced with a new one, with a hammer. Asikwaton nida’t suyot kag mga inogtanom nak kamatis. He’ll dig up with a trowel the tomato seedlings that’ll be replanted. 22.1vt To steal, rob. takaw Ingsikwat ni Pet tong ida soksok nak sayway sa tinrahan ni Boy. Pet stole the pants he is wearing from Boy’s store.