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busogey kag ako waswit [busogéy kag ákò wáswit] (comp. of busog, ey, ako, waswit) n My wife, sweetheart's pregnant (as of being satisfied sexually and as a woman). [lit. mine sated-already] (sem. domains: - Pregnancy.)

puswit [púswit] v 1To squirt out (liquid); to squeeze something; to spray out (liquid). tilapon Apuswiton nako kag selupeyn agor magliwas kag tubi. I will squeeze the cellophane so the water will come out. Ingpuswitan ako nida it tubi. She squirted me with water. (sem. domains: - Take something out of something.) 2To spout as of water out of a broken pipe in the ground. (sem. domains: 7.9.1 - Damage.)

puswitan₁ [puswitán] n Small sea cucumber. Tong inra puswitan nak nabakay ay inra gingsuya. The small sea cucumber which they bought was used as their sea food dish with rice.

puswitan₂ [puswitán] irreg. infl. of pisutan

swit [swit] n 1Dance style where couples move slowly from side to side holding eachother at the waist (from the English "sweet"). (sem. domains: 4.2.4 - Dance.) 2Style of music suitable for couples dancing together holding eachother close, at the waist (from the English "sweet"). (sem. domains: 4.2.4 - Dance, 4.2.3 - Music.)

swito [swíto] v To discipline. madisiplina Gusto ni Nana nak mayungot sa ida mga anak para ida sinra maswito. Nana wants to be near her children so she can discipline them.

waswit [wáswit] n Boyfriend; sweetheart (between married couples). (sem. domains: - Romantic love.) comp. busogey kag ako waswit

pisutan [pisután] (irreg. infl. puswitan) n Small sea cucumbers. Kagumo gikaunon kag pisutan aber pugaan yang it suwa ag butangan it toyo. It’s crunchy to eat the small sea cucumbers even if they’re only squeezed with limes and soy sauce is put on them.

balisong [balísong] n Small pocket sized knife; small dagger; small folding knife; flick-knife; switchblade. balisong Permi yang si Danny nak bitbit it balisong nak biente nuebe pag napanaw. Danny always carries along with him his pocket size knife. (sem. domains: 6.7.1 - Cutting tool.)

pihit [píhit] vt To press with finger; to switch on/off. pindot, pihit Aya gipihita kag pihitan it iwag. Don’t switch the light switch on and off. der. pihitan

pihitan₁ [pihitán] (der. of pihit) n Switch; knob.

pihitan₂ [pihitán] n A switch; knob on something serving to open it or turn it on; doorknob. pihitan

pindot [píndot] vt To switch a switch on or off, such as a light switch; to press a switch or key; to type. pindot Ingpindot nida kag businahan it jeep para makabati si Jorge. He pushed the buzzer of the jeep so George would wake up. syn: timbri 2.1. der. pindutan

pindutan₁ [pindútan] (der. of pindot) n Light switch; switch.

pindutan₂ [pindútan] n Light switch; switch. pihitan

timbri₂ [tímbri] 11.1n The seal; stamp; thumbprint (as identification or signature). 1.2vbt To stamp with a seal or official mark; to place one’s thumbprint as signature. timbre Ingtimbrihan sa opisina’t Mayor kag ako sertipika it pag-anak. My birth certificate was stamped with a seal at the Mayor’s office. Atimbrihan nida kag balota. He’ll place his thumb mark on the ballot. 22.1vt To press something small with one’s finger, thumb (as of a doorbell, switch, calculator). timbre Pag-abot nimo sa hagran ay magtimbri yang ikaw para mabuksan. When you get to the gate just press the door-bell button so they’ll open it. Ingtimbri nida kag nagkikililing sa inra hagranan. He pressed the doorbell. syn: pindot.

payong-suga [páyong-sugâ] adj Flashing on and off; flickering (as of lights). idlap-idlap Kag inra iwag sa sala ay napayong-suga pag inapaiwag. Their light in the living room is flickering when its switched on.

wayat impapanigan [wayá't impapanígan] saying - Convert to subentry Neutral; doesn’t side with anyone; impartial. walang pinapanigan Waya’t impapanigan kag bansa nak Switzerland. Switzerland is a neutral country.