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tabako [tabáko] n Tobacco leaves. Si Netnet ay nagrubya it tabako. Netnet rolled tobacco leaves to make a cigarette.

tabakong [tabakóng] n Cockroach. ípis (sem. domains: - Insect.)

kuhot [kúhot] vt To chew something up (done by animals such as rats or by insects); to take small bites out of something. kitkit Kinuhot it tabakong kag ida mga libro sa bodega. His books in the bodega were chewed up by cockroaches. syn: kítkit. (sem. domains: - Bite, chew, - Worried.)

likir [líkir] (irreg. infl. liker) vt To roll something up. babalutan Alikiran ka nako it tabako. I will roll up some tobacco leaves for you.

palitis₁ [palítis] v To treat a nail wound with local medicine (as of made from tobacco dipped in oil which is heated and dropped into a wound from rusty metal to prevent tetanus). Kag suag ni Doming ay gingpalitisan it tabako ag lana para indi sida matitanus. The hole were something dug into Doming was treated with tobacco and oil medication so he wouldn’t get tetanus. (sem. domains: - Medicinal plants.)

pior [píor] 1adj Tightly rolled; compact roll (as of tobacco). 2v To tightly roll. pilipit Ingpior ni Emma tong tabako bag-o mamaon. Emma tightly rolled the tobacco before chewing it.

puso₁ [pusô] 1n Hair in a twisted knot, bun or caught into a tail, pigtails etc. (especially on the back or top of the head or neck. These twists of hair can be left plain or decorated with colored cloth ties, jewels, combs or nets etc.). tali (sem. domains: - Hairstyle.) 2v To twist, tie hair into a knot, bun or catch it back into a tail, up into pigtails etc.. tinali Kag tabako ay napusoey bago ibuyar. The tobacco leaves are twisted before it is dried. Ingpupuso ninra kag anit it mais nak ahumanon nak pamahiran. The husk of corn are twisted to be used as doormats. (sem. domains: - Plait hair.) 3n Ear, cob of corn or maize plants (as of one which is full of grain, kernels). (sem. domains: - Growing maize, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) 4v To twist something, such as leaves, cloth or string to make mats etc.. (sem. domains: - Cordage.) comp. ingpakig-usa ka inra mga puso , comp. puso it mais

rubya₁ [rúbya] vt To roll tobacco leaves to make a cigarette, cigar. Bag-o sida magpamunak ay nagrurubya anay sida it tabako. Before she starts washing clothes, she rolls tobacco leaves to make a cigarette. syn: bayubar 2.