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matabang raga [matabáng ragâ] (comp. of taba, raga) id Fertile, rich, good soil; black loam. (sem. domains: - Soil, dirt.)

nakarano ka it matabang isrâ [nakaranô ka it matabáng isrâ] (comp. of rano) say You made a good catch; you struck it lucky; you got a good one, as of marrying a wealthy man (lit. you tame-across a fat fish). (sem. domains: - Lucky.)

tab-ang [táb-ang] 1adj Tasteless; flat (as of food); weak (as of wine); brackish water. Kag tubi sa suba ay matab-ang. The water in the river is tasteless. (sem. domains: 1.3.6 - Water quality.) 2v To make it tasteless. matabang Atab-angan yang nako kag ako yuto dahil di sakit sida sa bato. I’ll make my cooked vegetable tasteless because he has kidney trouble.

taban [tában] vt To carry something in the mouth. Ingtaban ni Brandy tong ako tsinelas. Brandy carried my slippers in his mouth. (sem. domains: - Escape.)

tabang [tábang] vbt To help; to assist; to come to somebody’s rescue. saklolo Atabangan nato si Maring sa pag-anak. We will assist Maring in her giving birth. Pag igwa’t kayaki nak masaka sa inro bayay ag ausa ikaw, iukaw nimo nak “Tabang! Tabangi ako!”. If a man should come up into your house and you are all alone, shout “Help! Help me!”.

gutlo [gútlo] n Grooves, wrinkles in skin between bulges of fat; double chins. Abang gutlo tong ida matabang anak. There are many wrinkles in skin between the bulges on his fat child. (sem. domains: 2.1 - Body, 2.1.1 - Head, 2.1.4 - Skin.)