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kasanting sa talinga [kasánting sa talínga] adj Offensive noise, speech. masakit sa tainga Ingmura ni Loida tong inra kasera dahil kasanting magpamisaya. Loida swore at her landlady because she speaks in an irritating way. (sem. domains: - Loud, - Dislike, - Sound, - Impolite.)

nagpapalakpak kag ak talinga [nagpapalákpak kag ak talínga] idiom - Convert to subentry Ears flap, clap (happy, proud). nagpapalakpak ang kanyang tainga Nagpapalakpak kag ak talinga kung ako’y ingpupuri. My ears clap when I am praised.

pahuyaman anay ninro kag inro talinga sa ako [pahúyaman ánay nínro kag ínro talínga sa ákò] idiom - Convert to subentry Listen to me for a minute please (lit: you first loan me your ears for-a-while). Bag-o magbisaya kag bisita siling nida “pahuyaman anay ninro kag inro talinga sa ako”. Before the visitor gave his speech he said “you lend your ears to me”. [Perhaps borrowed from Shakespeare in English.]

panting kag talinga [pánting kag talínga] v To angrily overhear, catch one’s attention (lit:‘ears stand up’, as of overhearing gossip about oneself). mapanting ang tainga Nagpanting ka ida talinga sa ida narunggan nak bisaya. Her ears stood up in anger when she heard what was said about her.

talinga [talínga] n 1Ear of an animal or person. taínga (sem. domains: - Ear.) 2Loop on a sewn garment (as of the protruding piece which hooks around a button etc.). (sem. domains: 5.3.6 - Parts of clothing.) 3Loop shaped handles on either side of a cooking pot. (sem. domains: - Cooking utensil.) comp. talingang batang , comp. talingat ambo , comp. talingat ambo

talingag [talíngag] n Tree species; medicinal properties; spice: cinnamon and cloves substitute. kalingag [The bark is used locally as medicine and, on account of its strong sassafras odor and taste, would probably make a good ingredient for root beers. The bark has rubefacient properties and a remedy for headaches and rheumatism. It is also chewed for toothache, stomach troubles, and tuberculosis. Sometimes substitute for cinnamon as a condiment.] Cinnamomum Mercadoi (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, - Medicinal plants.)

talingang batang [talíngang bátang] (comp. of talinga, batang) n Fungus species. [lit. ear of driftwood] kabuti (sem. domains: 1.5.4 - Moss, fungus, algae.)

talingat ambo₁ [talínga't ámbò] (comp. of talinga, ambo) n Fungus species; inedible irridescent fungus that grown on wet logs etc. (It is low wavey, soft and brown in color). (sem. domains: 1.5.4 - Moss, fungus, algae.)

talingat ambo₂ [talínga't ámbò] (comp. of talinga, ambo) n Fungus species; dried mushroom which ends up black and is used in Chinese cooking.(lit.rat's ears) of dark brown colour that grows under old banana, in rice straw. (sem. domains: 1.5.4 - Moss, fungus, algae.)

anting₁ [antíng] adj Sharp, extra good hearing (as of dogs and some people with especially good hearing). matalas ang pandinig Maanting kag talinga it iro kung gab-i. The dog easily hears things especially at nighttime. (sem. domains: 2.3.2 - Hear.) der. maanting

bingkong [bíngkong] 1adj Curled forward, protruding (as of ears). baluktot, bingkong, sahod Masuwerte kuno kung kag imo talinga ay bingkong. You’re lucky if your ears are folded forward and flat, they say. Kag ida talinga ay bingkong. His ears are curled over. (sem. domains: - Concave, - Ear, - Bend.) 2v To curve, become concave, curl outwards or forwards (as of the ears of a child after coming through the rigors of birth). (sem. domains: - Concave, - Ear, - Bend.) 3adj Twisted, bent, bowed, warped (as of timber). (sem. domains: - Lumbering, - Bend.) 4v To bend, bow, twist, warp (as of green, wet timber). (sem. domains: - Lumbering, - Bend.)

kasanting [kasánting] adj High pitched, loud, of noise that hurts one’s ears. pangit pakinggan Kasanting sa talinga kag ida boses dahil nag-aberiya kag mikrupon. His voice hurts my ears because the microphone is making a noise. (sem. domains: - Voice, - Types of sounds.)

kuhiton [kuhitón] v To remove something from a confined space. sunkitin, sundot Akuhiton nako kag ida tuli sa talinga dahil kabahoey. I will remove the earwax in his ear because it smells awful. syn: sungkit. (sem. domains: - Take something out of something.)

li-li [lí-lì] 1vbt To peep at something or somebody. Ingli-li nako tong ida talinga subaling di ilig. I peeped in his ear’s, it might have earwax. 2vt To have a doctor examine oneself; to see a doctor. silip Mapali-li ako nak pay inasagnat ako. I’ll go to see the doctor because it seems I have a fever. syn: sil-ip. der. pali-li

magkanyudo [magkanyúdo] (der. of yudo) loc On both sides. magkabilaan, bawat sulok Ingwa sida’t panika sa magkanyudong talinga. She has earrings on both ears. Magkanyudong siki kag di hubag nida. He has boils on both feet. (sem. domains: 8.6.3 - Side, - Beside.)

sinta₁ [sínta] 11.1vi To have one’s ears prick up when hearing something. sinta Nasinta nak raan kag ida talinga pagkarungog nida it yupok it baril. She had her ears pricked up when she heard the sound of a gun. syn: tindi, tinras. 22.1n Sticking out. 2.2vi To stick out untidly (as of hair, woven walls which have not been pinned down, protruding ears). sinta Asing nagsisinta kag imo buhok? Why is your hair sticking out?

so-so₁ [só-sò] v To put close to something, somewhere. idikit Dapat bagang iso-so nimo kinang radyo sa imo talinga! Do you have to put that radio so close to your ears!