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tapahan [tapáhan] n 1Drying oven for copra; smoking shed. tapáhan (sem. domains: 6.5 - Working with buildings.) 2The hole and platform where charcoal is made from drying, heating coconut meat. (sem. domains: 5.5.6 - Fuel.)

matapos (der. of tapos) conj After Matapos ninrang buongon ka mga nidog ingkamada ninra sa tapahan. After they split the coconuts they arrange them on the drying rack.

salibo [salíbo] vbt To throw water on a fire, a person, etc; to put out a fire with water. salibo Ingsalibuhan nida’t mayamig nak tubi kag mga nag-aaway nak iro. He threw cold water on the dogs who were fighting. Listo sida nak magsalibo kung marayab kag kayado ruto sa irayom it tapahan. She’s ready to throw water on the fire under the copra oven if the fire flares up.