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baghot [bághot] v To throw, eject, toss something or somebody out. ihagis, itapon Ingbaghot ni Arlene tong regalo it ida manang dahil buko nida gusto. Arlene threw out the gift of her sister because she didn’t like it. (sem. domains: - Throw.)

bubô [bubô] v 1To pour a small amount of liquid, oil somewhere (as of when carefully adding fish sauce to cooking, pouring hair oil into one's hand for rubbing into the hair, or daubing a little perfume onto one's clothes etc.). (sem. domains: 5.4.5 - Anoint the body, - Pour, 5.4.3 - Care for hair.) 2To anoint with a liquid, oil (as of pouring water, oil on one's head in Christian, other religious ceremonies). tapon, natapon Nagbubo sida it kape sa bahugan. He poured coffee in the container for pig’s food. (sem. domains: 5.4.5 - Anoint the body, - Religious ceremony, - Pour.) 3To spill a little liquid. Nabubo nida kag tubi sa baso nak nasakro. His water spilled because somebody tipped over the glass. syn: baldiyo, basya, udak 1, ilwak, bubo. (sem. domains: - Pour, - Happen.)

ilwak [ílwak] vbt To spill (water/food). natapon Aya gipailwaka kag tubi sa sayog. Don’t spill the water on the floor. syn: baldiyo, basya, bubô 3, udak 1, bubo. (sem. domains: - Take something out of something, - Pour.)

tapon [tapón] 1vbt To infect somebody with a disease; to catch a disease from somebody else. Matapon kag sakit nak tipras sa imo pag mapayungot ikaw sa di sakit. Measles will infect you if you come near the one who is sick. Itapon nako sa imo kag ako sip-on I will infect you with my cold. Natapnan sida it sakit it ida manghor dahil nagubay sinra. She was infected with her younger sibling’s illness because they slept together. syn: kapot 4. 2adj Infectious; contagious. hawa Nakakatapon kag tipras lalong laloey ruto sa waya gibaksinasyona. Measles are contagious especially with those who haven’t been vaccinated.

tapyak [tápyak] v 1To throw food to birds. tapon Ay nakita kang gador kono nak nagkurkor it nidog ag imo gingtapyakan tong mga manok. He said, I actually saw you grate the coconut and you throw it to the hens. (sem. domains: 1.6.1 - Types of animals.) 2To throw in a line for fishing without using a rod. (sem. domains: - Fish with hooks.)

udak [udák] 1sta To accidently spill (liquid or solid, such as rice grains). Nabasa ka ako mga papel sa lamesa it kag naudak ka kape. My papers on the table got wet when the coffe spilled. syn: baldiyo, basya, bubô 3, ilwak, bubo. 2vt To spill a liquid/solid. matapon Sabaling imo audakon kag kape sa tasa. You might spill the coffee that’s in the cup.

wasik [wasík] sta To accidently spill out; to become useless; to become spoiled. natapon, nasayang Nawasik kag ida rayang isra dahil nayagok. The fish she bought became useless because it got spoiled.

yunhog [yúnhog] vt To sink. itapon, ilubog Iyunhogey tan-a nako kaling mga pangarga dahil makusog. I was about to sink this cargo because the waves are too strong.

bas-ok [bás-ok] 1vbt To put, throw useful or valuable things in an inappropriate place (as of clean clothes in a box like rubbish to be disposed of); to discard carelessly by throwing unused things somewhere out of the way. tapon Ibas-ukon nako sa rugo kag mga yamit. I’ll throw the clothes in the corner. Abas-ukan nida it yamit kag kahon. He’ll throw the clothes on the box. (sem. domains: 7.3.4 - Handle something, 5.8 - Manage a house, - Throw.) 2v To impose a burdensome, inappropriate responsibility on somebody (as of the care of one's children being put on the grandmother). (sem. domains: - Agree to do something.)

pilak₁ [pilák] v To throw out or away. tapon Imo ipilak kinang botilya? Will you throw away the bottle? (sem. domains: - Throw away.)

kapot [kápot] 1vi To make something stick, cling to something. Ipakapot nako kaling bayagon sa puno’t nidog. I will make the vine cling to the coconut tree. Ipakapot nako kaling nabasag nak plorera it tong pangdikit nak ‘epoxy.’ I’ll stick this broken flower pot together with epoxy glue. (sem. domains: 7.5.2 - Join, attach.) 2vbt To cling onto something or somebody; to stick onto something. Nagpakakapot tong anak sa ako tong sida ay naineksyunan. The child clung to me when she was given an injection. Nagkapot kag tiki sa ringring. The lizard clung to the wall. Kaling kahoy ay gingkakaputan it kinang ako mga ‘orchids.’ My orchids are clinging on this tree. (sem. domains: - Link, connect, - Stick together.) 3adj Prehensile; easily, soon clings, climbs somewhere (as of the tendrils of a vine, the arms of an octopus). kapit Maraling kaputan it bayagon it mga sitaw katong gingbutang nako nak mga kuray. The bean vines soon climbed on the fence that I put up. (sem. domains: 7.5.2 - Join, attach.) 4vi To catch a disease; to be infected. Ingkaputan sida’t sakit pagpagto sa ibang nasyon. She caught a disease when she went to another country. syn: tapon 1. (sem. domains: 2.4.2 - Weak, 2.5.2 - Disease.) der. kaputan