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tinras [tínras] vi To stand up on end (as of dog’s ears, hair on one’s arms). nagtayuan ang balahibo Nagpang-tinras ka buhok ni Neysa pagkakita sa murtong anino ni Tatang Ambe. Neysa’s hair stood up on it’s end when she saw the ghost of Uncle Ambe appear. syn: sinta 1.1, tindi. (sem. domains: - Afraid.)

sinta₁ [sínta] 11.1vi To have one’s ears prick up when hearing something. sinta Nasinta nak raan kag ida talinga pagkarungog nida it yupok it baril. She had her ears pricked up when she heard the sound of a gun. syn: tindi, tinras. 22.1n Sticking out. 2.2vi To stick out untidly (as of hair, woven walls which have not been pinned down, protruding ears). sinta Asing nagsisinta kag imo buhok? Why is your hair sticking out?

tindi [tíndi] vbt To stand on end (hair of cat standing on end, a dog’s hair raised in fear or attack, person); to raise up one’s fur, feathers. nagtayuan ang balahibo Nagpanindi kag ida balahibo tong nagkaligos sida sa mayamig nak tubi. Her hair stood on end when she bathed in cold water. Ingpanindihan ako it balahibo pag-istorya nida. His story made my hair stand on end. Nagpapanindi kag ida bayukag nak sida ay nahahangit kung ingsusuuran. Her feathers are raised because she’s angered when something comes too close to her. [It is used as an idiomatic expression for a person feeling ’goose bumps’ in fear or other deep emotions.] syn: sinta 1.1, tinras. der. panindi