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tipayo [tipayô] adj To turn one's foot. (sem. domains: 7.1.9 - Move a part of the body.)

patipayi [patipayî] v To turn, twist one’s foot on something. nadulas Kag ako siki ay napatipayo sa bato kada ako ay natumba. I twisted my foot on a stone so I fall over.

tipayi [tipayî] 11.1sta To turn one’s foot, ankle accidently on something. natisod Napatipayo ako pagkasakro it ako siki sa bato. I turned my foot on the stone that I tripped over. 22.1vi To collapse; to go over on one’s feet; to give way underneath; to overbalance (as of a folding bed collapsing, wearing high heels). Napatipayo si Neysa sa hagran dahil kataas kag buoy it ida sapatos. Neysa overbalanced on the stairs since the heels of her shoes are too high.