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tubig-tubigan [tubig-tubigán] (der. of tubigan) n Game of two teams. One guards a marked field and the other tries to get past the defending team and back home without being tagged. (sem. domains: - Game.)

tubigan [tubígan] n Irrigated rice fields; wet rice farming. palayan Nagpagto ka mangunguma sa tubigan nak magtanomey. The farmer went to the irrigated rice field because it is time to plant. syn: lanas. (sem. domains: - Growing rice, - Irrigate.) der. tubig-tubigan

lanas [lanás] n Rice land; field. palayan syn: tubigan.

patubi [patubî] (der. of tubi) v To irrigate, have water run somewhere (as of water into a rice paddy prior to planting or running water through a cleaning filter into a reservoir, receptacle). tubig Kag ako tatay ay nagpagto sa tubigan para magpatubi dahil sida ay mabutang it abuno sa masunor nak adlaw. My father went to the wet rice land to let in the water because he was to put on fertilizer the next day. (sem. domains: - Irrigate.)

punla-án [punla-án] n Seedling bed for rice cultivation. punlaan Pagtuboey ka binhi, adar-on namo sa tubigan ag isabor namo roto sa ginglimpyuhan nak punlaan. When the seeds have sprouted we take them to the wet paddy and scatter them there in the cleaned seedling bed. (sem. domains: 6.2.3 - Plant a field.)