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patugrang [patúgrang] (der. of tugrang) adj To allows particles to settle to the bottom of a liquid. (sem. domains: 1.3.6 - Water quality.)

tugra [túgrà] 1n Advice; counsel. syn: laygay. 2vbt To advise. lagáy Atugraan nako sida it maadong pamatasan. I’ll advise him regarding good manners.

tugrang [túgrang] vbt To let something settle to the bottom in a liquid (as of the dirt in water, the solid particles in juice, the dropping of an anchor). pinatining Patugrangon anay nimo kag yabor bag-o ka mag-inom. You let the residue settle first to the bottom of the glass before drinking it. der. patugrang

laygay [láygay] vbt To counsel; to give advise. paalala Naglalaygay sida sa ida mga anak tungkol sa maadong pamatasan. She advises her children on good manners. syn: tugra 1. (sem. domains: 3.6.1 - Show, explain, - Speak with others.)

bungoy-bunguyan [bungoy-bungúyan] (der. of bungoy) v To ignore, disregard, turn a deaf ear to something. bingi-bingihan Ingpabungoy-bungoyan yang ni Ana kag tugra it ida mga maguyang. Ana just ignored the advice of her parents. (sem. domains: - Ignore.)

hantop [hántop] 1n Realization. syn: toytoy 2.1. (sem. domains: - Solve, - Realize.) 2vt To think; to realize; to comprehend; to ponder; to understand. Ahantupon anay nimo it maado kag imo plano bag-o ahumanon. You have to think your plan through well before doing it. (sem. domains: 3.2 - Think, - Realize.) 3vbt To come to realize. naunawaan Nahantupaney baga nimo kag imo inghuman. Have you come to realize the thing that you did? Nahantupan baga nimo kag ako pagtudlo? Do you comprehend what I’m teaching? Ida inghantop it marayom kag tugra’t nanay. He pondered deeply the words of his mother. (sem. domains: 3.2.4 - Understand, - Realize.)

nio pa [ni-ó pá] exp What in the world; Whatever...; no matter what. ano pa Nio pang gador nak parayan kag ako ahumanon para makumbinyo ka nako nak mapati sa ako. What in the world will I do to convince you to believe me? Aber nio pang tugra kag imo ahimuon sa imo lasenggong anak ay indiey ra kina gibag-o. No matter what advice you give your drunken child he won’t change. Asing indi ka magbaton it superbisor nak pusisyon nio pang gador nak pwesto kag imo gusto. Why in the world won’t you accept the job as supervisor- what position do you want anyway? [This is used to indicate surprise of a sarcastic nature.]

sunor-sunor₂ [sunor-sunór] 11.1v To copy, imitate, follow a pattern. Asunuran nako kag ida tabas. I’ll copy the design from her dress. Ikaw permi ay ako asunuron. You’ll be the one I’ll follow always. 2obedient 2.1adj Obedient; conforming to one’s wishes; in agreement. 2.2vt To obey somebody in something one does; to conform to somebody’s wishes about something. susunod Asunuron nida kag tugra it ida nanay. He’ll obey his mother’s advice. Asunuran kono nida kag hiwas it mga kabatan-on ngasing. He said that he’ll conform to the ways of the youth today. 3adv Repeatedly; one right after another. Nagpayupok sida it sunor-sunor. He fired shots repeatedly. Ingpapasunor kag mga eskwela it mga maestra bag-o magsaka sa ‘stage’. The children are being lined up by the teachers before going up on the stage. Ipasunor anay nako kaling mga bisaya bag-o ahanapon sa diksyonario. I will first alphabetize these words before looking for them in the dictionary. der. sulunranon , der. sunranan/sinunranan

suway₁ [suwáy] vt To disobey; to disregard. suway Kag anak ay ingsuway kag tugra’t ida mga maguyang. The child disregarded the advice of his parents. der. masuwayon