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tuko₁ [tukó] 1n Prop (as for clothesline, window shutter, door). Butangi it tuko kinang sampayan para indi magruot sa raga kag mga yamit. Put a prop under that clothes line so the clothes won’t touch the ground. syn: suhay. (sem. domains: - Window.) 2v To use a window prop in a window. tukod (sem. domains: - Window.) 3n Prop to hold up a building. (sem. domains: 6.5.2 - Parts of a building.)

suhay [súhay] v To prop up something. Kag puno it batag ni Norma ay insuhayan agor indi matumba it hangin. The banana trunk was propped up so it wouldn’t fall in the wind. syn: tuko 1.