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tungor₂ [túngor] 11.1adv To be directly above or underneath something; overhead. tapat Nagsaka sinra sa bubong ag ruto sa tungor ni Jesus naghuman sinra’t buho nak mayuyusutan it paralitiko. They climbed up on the roof and there directly above Jesus made a hole to put the paralitic through. 1.2vi Nagtutungor kag iwag sa lamesa. The lamp shines directly above the table. Mahadag magbasa pag natungor sa ako kag iwag. It’s bright enought to read when the light is directly above me. 22.1sta To happen to fall on a certain day or time (said of activities, special occasions, etc.). Natungor sa Dominggo kag ako kaadlawan. My birthday happened to fall on Sunday. 2.2vbt To intentionally plan an activity to fall on a certain day or date. Atunguron nako kag ako hanra sa Martes. I will plan our party to fall on a Tuesday. 33.1loc Opposite; facing somewhere. Inra tinrahan ay tungor ni Devierte. Their shop is opposite Devierte’s. 44.1loc Nearby; somewhere near. Kinang inra tinrahan ay tungor dili sa bayay ni Divierte. Their shop is somewhere hear near Divierte’s house.