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sibit [sibít] 11.1vt To puncture something (abscess, pimple); to lance; to stick with a pin; to let out pus. tusok Isibit nako kag radom sa imo hubag. I will lance your boil with a needle. Asibiton nako kag nana. I will let out the pus. 22.1n Broken midrib used to catch surilap weaving to prevent slipping.

suag [súag] v To have something dig into somebody (as of a protruding object like a nail sticking up in a chair). tusok Nasuag ako it lansang tong ako ay nagpangahoy sa baybay. A nail dug into me when I was getting wood at the house.

tugsok [túgsok] vbt 1To pierce something; to prick with something sharp; to stick something sharp into something. tusok Naghanap sida it siit ag ida gingpangtugsukan katong puno it saging. He looked for prickles and he stuck them in the trunk of the banana. 2To pierce; to stick into something. Nagtugsok sa raga kag sipoy. The knife stuck in the ground.

tuhog₂ [túhog] v To impale somebody, something on a stick. tusok Kag mga intsik tong panahon it gera ay ingtuhog it mga hapon. The Chinese during the war were impaled on sticks by the Japanese. (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation, 7.7 - Physical impact.)

tuslok [túslok] 1sta To be accidently pierced with a sharp object. Nag‘tetanus’ sida it kag natuslok ka ida yuba it kawadan. He got tetanus when his mouth was pierced with the bamboo. 2vt To pierce something or somebody with a sharp object. tusok Aya gipangtuslok it tinidor sa imo manghor! Don’t pierce your younger sibling with that fork! Ingtuslok nida ka sab-a agor maayaman kung nayutoey. She pierced the cooking bananas to see if they were done.

tusok [tusók] v To have ears pierced. butas Ingtusukaney kag ida anak nak kabadi bag-o iluwas sa hospital. Her child which is a girl had her ears pierced before it was taken out of the hospital. (sem. domains: - Ear.)