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ubi₁ n Used for food. They are roasted, baked, boiled, yam chips and German-fried yams, yam pudding. Ubi is frequently made into a preparation called jalea de ubi which is a sort of jam or, really a butter. Ubi is very deficient in calcium and phosphorus and a fair source of iron. The purple variety is a good source of Vitamin B. úbi Dioscorea Alata

yubi₁ [yubî] 1n A small hole, usually in the floor. Nahuyog kag iro sa yubo it pantaw. The dog fell through the hole in the porch. 2sta To fall into a large hole, opening; to put ones foot accidentally through a small hole in the floor. butas Nayubo kag bisita sa amo pantaw. My visitor’s leg went through a hole in our porch when she came up. Nayubo gihapon sida sa kwadan nak sayog dahil waya pa natatapos. He fell on the bamboo floor because its not yet finished. syn: suybo.

suybo [súybò] v To fall and sit down hard on one’s tailbone. Abang tibaw ni Rex tong sida’y nasuybo sa hagran. Rex really cried when he fell and sat down hard on his tailbone on the steps. syn: yubi 2.