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abang tugas it uyo [abáng tugás it úyo] (comp. of tugas) id Stubborn; hard headed. [lit: very hard of head] Abang tugas it uyo ag indi mabaoy it usang bisaya tong putong anak nina Gemma. The youngest child of Gemma is stubborn and can't be swayed by anything. (sem. domains: - Stubborn.)

abugado [abugádo/abugáda] 1n Lawyer; attorney; solicitor; barrister. [male/female] (sem. domains: - Legal personnel.) 2vt To become a lawyer, attorney, solicitor, barrister. [male/female] abugado Ingpaabugado nida kag ida maayo nak anak. He let his brilliant child become a lawyer. (sem. domains: - Legal personnel.) der. paabugado

adik [ádik] n A drug addict (as of being addicted to marijuana or heroin). sugapá Kag tawong adik sa buyong ay pay waya sa tamang isip. A person who is a drug addict seems to be out of his mind. (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick.)

alimpuwas [alimpúwas] dial. var. of takas, buhi der. paalimpuwas To make somebody leave, get out or away from somewhere (as of from trouble, danger or flood etc.). , der. pangalimpuwas To get out, away from somewhere; to leave a place or escape a situation (as of trouble or flood).

arnibal [árnibal] n Caramelized sugar. (sem. domains: - Cooking methods.)

asak-asak [asak-asák] 1n Sparks of burning material (as of from a fire, fireworks). Kag asak-asak it kayado sa sunog ay paibabaw. The sparks from the flames of the fire are going upwards. Kag asak-asak it kwites ay nakakasilaw. The sparks of the fireworks are bright. (sem. domains: 5.5.5 - What fires produce.) 2vbt To give off sparks of burning material (as of flying particles from a fire, fireworks). buga Nag-aasak-asak kag baga sa kalan. The fire on the charcoal stove is giving off sparks. syn: alipatok 1. (sem. domains: 5.5.5 - What fires produce.) 3n Splashes, scattered drops of water (as of from a faucet). (sem. domains: 1.3.2 - Movement of water.) 4vbt To splash, splatter with water (as of water from a faucet). (sem. domains: 1.3.2 - Movement of water.) der. pangasak-asak

asukar₁ [asukár] 1n To add sugar; to sweeten something. (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation, - Sugar.) 2vbt To add, put sugar on, in food; to sweeten with sugar. asukal Ing-asukaran nida kag kape. He put sugar in the coffee. (sem. domains: - Steps in food preparation, - Sugar.) 3vt To make, produce sugar (as from the milling of sugarcane). Aasukaron ninra kag mga tubo. They will make the sugarcane into sugar. (sem. domains: - Growing sugarcane.)

asukar₂ [asúkar] n Sugar. (sem. domains: - Sugar.)

atis [átis] n Fruit species with soft white flesh, shiney black seeds and a skin covered in lumpy hexagonal shapes and called a "sugar apple" or "small custard apple". átis Anona Squamosa (sem. domains: - Food from fruit.)

ayugaan ag hugton ray [ayuga-án ag húgton ray] (comp. of yuga, hugot) exp To loosen and retighten something again. Para magsigo kag turnilyo ay ayugaan ag hugton ray. In order that the screw will fit-in we will loosen it and tighten it again. (sem. domains: 3.5.1 - Say.)

balibugan [balibugán] n Bung hole in a boat (which is plugged, closed with a sóngsong "bung" to prevent entering. The bung is removed when beached or in dry dock, to allow water to drain out). (sem. domains: - Boat.)

batasan [batásan] n Behavior; tradition; custom; ways; character. ugali (sem. domains: 4.3 - Behavior.)

bayagbag sa yugas [bayágbag sa yugás] (comp. of bayagbag, yugas) id 1Across the width of a roll of cloth; on the warp (as of the ways the threads run crossways, perpendicular, at right angles to the weft, length or selvedge). [lit: crossways to weft] [The "weft" are the lengthwise threads in woven cloth, the "warp" are the crossways threads running from side to side, and the "selvedges" are the back-woven edges down either side of a roll of cloth.] (sem. domains: - Cloth.) 2Zigsag stitching across the cut edge of a garment (as of how they are sewn so that the stitches are perpendicular, at right angles to the edge and stop it fraying). (sem. domains: 6.6.1 - Working with cloth.)

bibingkang kanin [bibíngkang kánin] (comp. of bibingka) 1n A slice, snack made of sticky rice cooked with sweetened coconut milk and topped with caramelized sugar. It is cut into 3x10cm slices. (sem. domains: - Prepared food.) 2v To cook the snack made of sticky rice, sweetened coconut milk topped with caramelized sugar. (sem. domains: - Cooking methods.)

bilibugan [bilibugán] n Bilge drain in a small boat (as of a small hole in the hull from which to drain dirty water). (sem. domains: - Boat.)

bilog₃ [bilóg] 1adj Round (as of a circle or sphere). bilog Ka ida nahuman nak kayo ay bilog. The hat she made is round. (sem. domains: - Round.) 2v To roll, form into balls. (sem. domains: - Actions of the hand, - Round.) 3adj Chubby; round. Abang bilog ka ida puto nak anak. His youngest child is really healthy. [A fat child is seen as a healthy, well fed child.] (sem. domains: - Fat person.) 4adj Rich, full sounding (as of the timbre of a good or resonant voice). (sem. domains: - Voice.) 5v To encircle or encompass; to draw a circle (as of lines or surrounding things). bibilugan Ingbilugan nida it rugay kag ida bayay. He put a fence around his house. Ingbilugan nida kag ida drawing. She put a line around her drawing. Ibilog nida kag puyang lapis sa ida drawing. She will encircle her drawing using a red pencil. (sem. domains: - Move in a circle.) 6n A whole, complete, entire item, thing. (sem. domains: 8.1.6 - Whole, complete.) 7v To put things together to handle as a whole (as of when wanting to sell fish and share the money, rather than sharing the fish themselves). (sem. domains: 8.1.6 - Whole, complete.) 8v To turn one's head romantically (as of being attracted to someone other than one's boyfriend or husband). (sem. domains: - Romantic love.) 9adj Something set firm, hard (as of water frozen into ice, or gulaman as it sets); clot (as of thick blood which forms blobs or scabs). (sem. domains: - Hard, firm, 2.2.5 - Bleed, blood, 1.3.4 - Be in water.) 10v To set, become firm, hard (as of water frozen into ice, or gulaman as it sets); to clot (as of thick blood which forms blobs or scabs). (sem. domains: - Hard, firm, 2.2.5 - Bleed, blood, - Snow, ice.) comp. bilog kag boses , der. kabilugan , der. pabilog

bitsukoy [bitsukóy] (sp. var. butsikoy) 1n Long sugared donuts made from wheat flour, deep-fried and rolled in sugar. (sem. domains: - Prepared food.) 2v To make long sugared donuts from wheat flour, deep-fried and rolled in sugar. (sem. domains: - Prepared food.)

buga-ong [bugá-ong] n Fish species; Crescent perch fish. Terapon jarbua (Kuiter). (sem. domains: - Fish.)

buga₁ [bugá] 1n Toad's poisonous secretion (as of from the glands on its head which blow, spit out the poison). (sem. domains: - Parts of small animals.) 2v To squirt, spit poisonous secretion (specifically of toads from the glands on the head). dura Ingbugahan kag iro it paka. The frog squirted saliva on the dog. syn: bugwak 1. (sem. domains: - Animal movement.) 3v To squirt, spit out something harmful (as of fire flaring from bamboo canons, guns etc.). (sem. domains: 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.) 4n Chewed leaf medication, poultice blown, placed on the skin in traditional healing (as of ginger and rice chewed with medicinal leaves etc.). [This is seen to allow both the healing power in the juices of the leaves and in saliva to become part of the medication. It is used as a herbal remedy as well as in traditional spirit healing rituals performed by mediums, spirit healers. Such chewed material is often placed on the top of the head.] (sem. domains: - Traditional medicine, - Sorcery, - Medicinal plants.) 5v To blow saliva, put chewed leaves on someone as a traditional medication or in a healing ritual (as of a type of poultice made from ginger, rice and leaves etc., or a symbolic healing gesture performed by a medium, spirit healer). (sem. domains: - Traditional medicine, - Sorcery.)

buga₂ [búgà] n Chalk; chalky stone (as of the white chalky stone found in the hills). buga (sem. domains: - Rock.)

bugahor [bugáhor] dial. var. of likot

bugana [bugánà] 1adj Abundant. sagana Waya siguro nakakaranas kag mga mayamang tawo it gutom dahil bugana kag inra pagkaon. Rich people maybe don’t experience hunger because they have abundant food. (sem. domains: - Extra.) 2v To be, become abundant. (sem. domains: - Extra.) der. kabuganaan

bugarit [bugarít] n Upland rice (as of that grown in hilly country without flooding it with water). RICE or FARMLAND??? (sem. domains: - Growing rice.)

bugas [bugás] n 1Rice which has been dehusked and milled (and is now ready to cook). bigás (sem. domains: - Food from seeds, - Mill grain.) 2To share milled rice (after having harvested and milled it together). (sem. domains: - Separate, scatter, 6.2.6 - Process harvest.) comp. bugas nak buti , comp. bulto it bugas , der. bugasan

bugas nak buti [bugás nak butî] (comp. of bugas, buti) n Puffed, popped rice; rice bubbles (as of sun drying cooked rice before frying it in oil until it puffs). [lit: dried-cooked-rice which-is puffed] boti (sem. domains: - Food from seeds.)