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ugai [ugái] (irreg. infl. ugae) conj Because it turned out that; so that’s why something happened; but, however the kaya pala

So that’s why that happened!
...ako ing-batak, gingpando nak ugae masyadong atras ako.... I folded up the sail, and fixed it because it turned out that I was really short of time…. Waya kag uning gikatuyog sa katri ugaey gusto nida sa suyor it aparador. The cat didn’t sleep on the bed but she wanted to sleep in the cupboard. Ugae ay buko malasa kag utan, nalimutan nidang asinan. The reason that the utan isn’t delicious, is that she forgot to put salt in it.
id. ugae ay

dum-ok [dúm-ok] v 1To dump, throw clothes down hard in a disorderly pile. (sem. domains: - Throw, 5.3 - Clothing.) 2To belittle, bring down, level somebody by criticism (as of like the English "bring someone down a peg or two"). (Calatrava). Abi nida ay abuligan sida it ida amigo ugai yaki ay ingdum-ok pa sida. He thought his friend would help him but it turned out that he was the very one who spoke against him. (sem. domains: - Criticize.) comp. bulig dum-ok

ningas kugon [níngas kúgon] adj Loses interest; doesn’t maintain zeal or loyalty to a task or obligation; starts well but doesn’t finish anything (lit. grass catches fire easily). ningas kugon Abe nako ay sige-sigey kag inra pagtanom it mga kahoy ugai kato ay ningas kugon ra gihapon. I thought that they would go on with their tree planting but they just started well but didn’t finish that either.

sikreta [sikréta] n Secret agent; undercover police, agent. Nagkunyari yang si Bal nak usang adik para makabakay it mariwana ugai yaki kato sida ay usang sikreta. Bal pretended that he was an addict so that he could buy marijuana but actually he’s a secret agent.

silahis₃ [siláhis] n Closet homosexual who acts manly but hides the homosexual side of his personality. silahis Abi ni Vemie ay kayaking gador kag ida napangasawa ugai yaki ay silahis. Vemie presumed that she married a real man but actually he’s a closet homosexual.

takay [takáy] 1n Boar (as of a male pig). bulugan Abi nako ay nao katong inghahanap sa ako ni Tang Poli ugai yaki kato ay tong amo takay nak mapatakay ey tong ida baktin. I don’t know why Tang Poli is looking for me, it’s because he is looking for our boar that his pig wants to have a mate. (sem. domains: 1.6.7 - Male and female animals, - Hoofed animals.) 2vbt To mate (as of pigs). (sem. domains: 1.6.3 - Animal life cycle, - Pig.)