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buho [búhò] 1n Hole in ground; hole in something (as of a hollow type of hole e.g. an animal nest, hole in the ground, hole in one's nose etc). húkay syn: yubot 4, pilino. (sem. domains: 7.8.5 - Make hole, opening, - Hollow.) 2n Hole that goes right through something (as of the eye of a needle, hole in pierced ears for an earring etc.) (sem. domains: 7.8.5 - Make hole, opening.) 3v To bore, dig, make a hole in something (as of a hollow type of hole e.g. an animal nest, hole in the ground, drill hole for water etc.). butas Abuhuan nato kag tabla agor mahihigtan nato. We’ll bore a hole in the wood so we can pass a tie through it. (sem. domains: 7.8.5 - Make hole, opening, - Hollow.) 4v To make a hole that goes right through something (as of in pierced ears for an earring, in a belt for inserting the tongue of the buckle etc.) (sem. domains: 7.8.5 - Make hole, opening.) comp. marako kag ako buho it ilong

bungkoy [búngkoy] v 1To plant upland rice with a long stick which is used to make holes in the ground. butas Abungkuyon anay nako kag raya bag-o magpugas it mais. I’ll make holes in the ground before planting the corn. syn: pugás. (sem. domains: 6.2.3 - Plant a field.) 2To impregnate a woman. gagalawin Abungkuyon anay kuno ni Ger kag ida nobya bag-o pakasayan. Ger says he will impregnate his fiancee before they get married. [This usage of the word carries a bad connotation or is employed in a joking way.] (sem. domains: 2.6.2 - Sexual relations.) der. pangbungkoy

butas₁ [bútas] v To perform a necromantic ritual (as of obtaining information about who is loved by a dead ancestor). [At a death, a dish of water has a ring placed in it, then chewed betel nut. If the betel nut moves over the ring it shows the person holding the bowl is loved by the dead ancestor. This is part of sending the soul of the dead person away, so as not to cause sickness or harm to the remaining living relatives.] (sem. domains: - Omen, divination, - Bury.)

butas₂ [bútas] 1n Boots. buta (sem. domains: 5.3.6 - Parts of clothing.) 2v To wear boots. (sem. domains: 5.3.6 - Parts of clothing.)

dungog [dungóg] n Reputation. reputasyon Kayain it dungog kag inra pamilya dahil mga mananakaw kuno. Their family has a bad reputation because they say they are thieves. (sem. domains: - Reputation.)

gawang [gawáng] n A space or opening between something, sometimes where something has been removed. butas Ingsil-ip sida sa gawang it inra banyo. She was peeked at through the spaces of their bathroom made of bamboo. (sem. domains: - Interval, space, - Door.)

gutas [gutás] vi To faint; to have a convulsion. nawalan ng malay Nagutas sida pagkatapos it rayagan it mayado. She fainted after running a long distance. (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick, 2.4.2 - Weak, 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease, 2.4.4 - Tired, - Lose consciousness, - Quiet.)

lapos₁ [lápos] adv Go straight through; go in one side and out the other. butas Lapos kag bala sa ida damot kada waya sida namatay. The bullet in his hand went straight through that’s why he was not dead.

libaong₂ [libaóng] v To fall into a hidden hole trap. butas Nalibaong si Manang pagpasyar namo sa baybay. Manang fell in the hole trap when we walked along the beach.

ligason [ligasón] n The ribs on the hull of a boat. butas (sem. domains: - Boat.)

nagrako kag buho it ilong [nagrákò kag búhò it ilóng] idiom - Convert to subentry When receiving praise, when proud, happy one’s nostrils get bigger. lumaki ang butas nang ilong Pay nagrako kag buho it ilong ni Gertrude nak sida it apakasayan ni Rogel. Gertrude’s nostrils got bigger with pride because Rogel married her.

nagtudom it kuyon [nagtudóm it kúyon] v To make a hole suddenly in clay pot as a ritual means to help a difficult delivery in childbirth. nagbutas nang palayok Nagtudom it kuyon kag ida asawa tong waya pa nagliwas kag inunlan it tong nag-anak. Her husband put a hole in the clay pot when the placenta didn’t come out during childbirth.

pambuho [pambúhò] n Hole punch. pangbutas Naggamit sida’t pambuho para buhuan tong mga kupon sa ida album. She used a hole punch to make holes on the sheets of paper for her album.

pilino [pilíno] n Hole in flesh of animals (in ears or nose for tying an animal). butas Ingwa ako’t kabayo, asa igot kag pilino; kag sabat ay radom. I have a horse, which has a hole in it’s tail end; the answer is “a needle”. syn: yubot 4, buho 1.

prutas [prútas] n Fruit. búnga

talin₁ [talín] v To be weaned from, leave the mother bird and fend for itself. butas Kaintik pa ra kaling mga manok ay gingtaliney. this chicken is still small but it has already left its mother and can fend for itself.

tusok [tusók] v To have ears pierced. butas Ingtusukaney kag ida anak nak kabadi bag-o iluwas sa hospital. Her child which is a girl had her ears pierced before it was taken out of the hospital. (sem. domains: - Ear.)

utas [utás] v Cut right, straight, clean off completely. lantay Utas kag liog it manok tong ako inglabo. The hen’s neck was cut straight off when I cut it with the machete.

yubi₁ [yubî] 1n A small hole, usually in the floor. Nahuyog kag iro sa yubo it pantaw. The dog fell through the hole in the porch. 2sta To fall into a large hole, opening; to put ones foot accidentally through a small hole in the floor. butas Nayubo kag bisita sa amo pantaw. My visitor’s leg went through a hole in our porch when she came up. Nayubo gihapon sida sa kwadan nak sayog dahil waya pa natatapos. He fell on the bamboo floor because its not yet finished. syn: suybo.

yubi₂ [yubî] n Space between boards or slats; holes; opening. butas Igwa it yubo kag inra sayog. There’s a hole in their floor.

yubot₁ [yubot] 1n Hole through something. (sem. domains: 7.8.5 - Make hole, opening.) 2vbt To pierce; to make a hole through something; to burst a tire so the air goes out of it. nabutas Nabuhos kag tayr it inra dyip. The tire of their jeepney burst. Ingbuhusan kag lata agor magtuyo kag lana. A hole was made in the can so the oil will drip. syn: yubot 1. (sem. domains: - Put in.)

yubot₂ [yubót] 1n Hole in something; a tear (material); a crack (plastic). syn: yubot 2. (sem. domains: 7.8.4 - Tear, rip.) 2n Hole where liquid, air has come out as of a burst tire. (sem. domains: 7.8.5 - Make hole, opening.) 3adj Having a hole(s). Yubot kag inra bubong. Their roof has a hole. (sem. domains: 7.8.4 - Tear, rip.) 4sta To get a hole in something; to become torn or cracked. butas Nayubot kag ako baro kag nasangit sa lansang. My dress got torn when it stuck on a nail. syn: buho 1, pilino. (sem. domains: 7.8.5 - Make hole, opening.)

alang-alang [alang-álang] (irreg. infl. ayang-ayang) rel For the sake or benefit of someone (as in serving, representing or showing respect for someone). alang-alang Magkaon ka’t mga prutas alang-alang sa ikakaado it imo yawas. Eat fruit for the sake of your health. Alang-alang sa imo kaluwasan, magpakatinoey ikaw. For the sake of your salvation, be sober now. Nagbinuligan sinra alang-alang sa ikakatahimik it banwa. They helped each other for the sake of the peace of the community. (sem. domains: 9.6 - Connected with, related.)

bayuong [bayú-ong] n A rectangular woven basket like a large shopping bag for carrying vegetables or chickens on a journey. bayóng Kag mga prutas nak raya nida pa Manila ay sa bayuong nida gingsuyor. The fruit which he brought to Manila was put in the woven travelling basket. (sem. domains: - Weaving baskets and mats.)

bugdas [búgdas] (irreg. infl. pinda-pinda) n Woven series of hanging baskets used to store things (especially fruits). Butangan yang hina sa bugdas kinang mga prutas. Just put the fruit there in the hanging baskets. Aber katong inra bugdas ay ingbaoy it tong mananakaw. Even their hanging bamboo basket for left over food was taken by the thief. [These baskets have no lid and may be on a pulley.] (sem. domains: - Weaving baskets and mats, - Food storage.)
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