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balikutot [balikútot] (dial. var. bayuktot; dial. var. biyuot) (der. of balik) 1adj Bent over, stooped, curled up (as with age, carrying something heavy, curling up in bed to keep warm). baluktót Katong kayaki ay nagbalikutot dahil abang bug-at kag ida pas-an nak payay. That man is bent over because of the very heavy rice he’s carrying on his shoulder. (sem. domains: 7.1.8 - Bend down.) 2v To bend over, curl up (as of to fit in, through a small space). (sem. domains: 7.1.8 - Bend down.) comp. miyentras malip-ot kag tamong, matuon ka it pagbalikutot

kayutot [kayútot] vi To curl up one’s body (as when sleeping). namaluktot (sem. domains: - Bend, 7.2.1 - Manner of movement, - Roll up.)

miyentras malip-ot kag tamong, matuon ka it pagbalikutot [miyéntras malíp-ot kag tamóng, matu-ón ka it pagbalikútot] (comp. of miyentras, malip-ot, tamong, tuon, balikutot) say Adjust whatever meager means one has to make the most of life. [lit: even-if short the blanket, learn you curl-up] (sem. domains: - Saying, proverb.)

nagtaas kag tanan puyra putot [nagtáas kag tanán púyra putót] idiom - Convert to subentry Everything goes up except short people (as jokingly referring to rising prices). nagtaas ang lahat pwera ang pandak Pay halos nagtaas kag tanan puyra putot pagkatapos it bagyo. It seems everything goes up except a short person.

patuga [patúga] n Caprice; pretty desires, hang-ups; fads; petty ways. pautot Waya natuloy kag inra kasay dahil kag patuga it mga maguyang tong kabadi ay bayay ag lote. Their wedding was not pushed through because of the petty desires of the girl’s parents regarding the house and lot.

pautot₁ [pautót] vi To use a gimmick, joke. pautot, daming arte Nagpautot ray sida sa ida mga kakilaya. He’s using a gimmick again on his friends.

pautot₂ [pautót] n Pomp. Karamo sidang pautot tong sinra ay magpabayle. He displayed lots of pomp when they held a dance.

pay tinuom nak utot [pay tinuom nak utót] PH Stay -at home person. (like a withheld fart), unfriendly, non- talking person. (sem. domains: - Serious.)

putot [putót] adj A little child; youngest child; a stunted person; a stunted animal; a stunted plant. bansot, pandak (sem. domains: 8.2.1 - Small.)

ut-ot [út-ot] 1adv Slow chewing. 2vt To chew something slowly. utot Aut-uton nimo it maado kag karne bag-o tuyunon. You chew the meat slowly and well before swallowing. syn: guop, usap, ot-ot, pa-pa, guop.

utot [utót] 1n Flatulence. 2vi To flatulate; to pass gas. utót

suplada [supláda] adj Harsh attitude; unkind; stubborn; insolent. Si Janice ay suplada ag putot pa kada waya sida namut-i it ida nobyo. Janice has a harsh attitude and is short too so her boyfriend lost his feelings for her.

yaksaw [yaksáw] vbt To jump over something. talon Kung ako’y naghihigra aya giyaksaw sa ako baling ako’y maputot. When Iam lying down don’t jump over me I might not grow tall.