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buada [bu-áda] 1n Animal species; Crocodile. buwáya (sem. domains: - Amphibian.) 2adj Crocodile infested; having many crocodiles. (sem. domains: - Amphibian.) 3v To expect, ask for bribes (as of corrupt people, workers in any situation). (sem. domains: - Dishonest, - Bribe, - Smuggle.)

gingpapahuwayey it dios [gingpapahúwayey it Dios] id God has given him rest. (sem. domains: - Dedicate to religious use.)

huwag₁ [húwag] n Vine used to tie things (as of building a roof); rattan. baling uway Nagbakay sida’t huwag nak mahulip sida it bubongan. He bought a vine used to tie because He will mend their thatched roof. (sem. domains: 1.5 - Plant, 7.5.4 - Tie, 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

lapas₂ [lápas] vt To break a law. suway, labag Naghuman sinra it layi pero sinra ka naglalapas. They made the law but they are also the ones breaking it.

luway [luwáy] 1n Broom grass. (sem. domains: 5.6.5 - Sweep, rake.) 2vi To get broom grass. luway, walis tambo Napangluway sinra sa Balogo. The got broom grass from Balogo. (sem. domains: 6.2.5 - Harvest.)

masuwayon [masuwáyon] (der. of suway) adj Disobedient.

nakabakoy it hayo [nakabákoy it hayó] idiom - Convert to subentry Made a good catch; hit the jackpot (lit: hit the lizard, as of a fat source of supply, money, etc.). nakapalo ng buwaya Kayaman tong ida asawa kada pay nakabakoy sida it hayo. Her husband is rich so it seems like he made a good catch.

pahuway [pahúway] vi To rest (oneself or a body part). pahinga Pag Dominggo ay, mapahuway kono si Tatay sa ida trabaho. Father says he will rest from his work on Sunday. Pahuwayan it panaw kag imo siki nak yubaton. Rest your foot that has rheumatism. Apahuwayan nako kag katri. I will rest on the bed. syn: katuyog 1, higra 1, kapisok, pilot, hilay-hilay 1.

pahuwayan [pahuwayán] n Rest house. (sem. domains: 6.5.1 - Building.)

pahuwayang bayay [pahuwáyang bayay] n Rest house. pahingahang bahay

suway₁ [suwáy] vt To disobey; to disregard. suway Kag anak ay ingsuway kag tugra’t ida mga maguyang. The child disregarded the advice of his parents. der. masuwayon

suway₂ [suwáy] v To disobey; to break a rule. Si Adan ag Eba ay ingsuway kag sugo it Dios. Adan and Eve disobeyed the orders of God.

tuway₁ [tuwáy] vi To lose balance; to become unbalanced. tuwarik Nagtuway kag baroto ni Amo dahil nagsakay si Bao. Amo’s boat became unbalanced because Bao got in.

tuway₂ [túway] v To tilt, almost tip over sideways. Pay matuway tong dyip sa karamuon it karga. It seems the jeep will almost tip over sideways due to so much baggage.

uway n Thorny plant (kind of rattan) used for making stick-reed furniture, hats, baskets etc. yantok [Used for making “bent wood” chair frame, stick-reed furniture, as cables for ferry boats, for hauling logs, standing-rigging on small sailing-vessels. Used for making mats, hats, baskets, chairs and fish traps.] Calamus Linnaeus (sem. domains: - Weaving baskets and mats.)

higra [hígrà] 1v To lie down; to sleep or to rest. higa Pagpagan anay kag hapin sa katri bag-o maghigra. Shake the sheets on the bed before lying down. syn: katuyog 1, kapisok, pahuway, pilot, hilay-hilay 1. (sem. domains: 2.4.5 - Rest, 5.7 - Sleep.) 2vi To lie somebody down (to sleep). Ingpahigra nako kag anak sa katri. I laid the baby down on the bed. (sem. domains: 2.4.5 - Rest, 5.7 - Sleep.) der. higraan

hilay-hilay [hiláy-hiláy] 1adv Leaning on, back resting; resting. sandal Abang pahilay-hilay nida sa tumba-tumba ni Lily. She had her back rested against the rocking chair of Lily. syn: katuyog 1, higra 1, kapisok, pahuway, pilot. (sem. domains: - Leaning, sloping, 7.1.6 - Lean, - Relaxed posture.) 2vbt To recline on, lean against something or somebody in order to rest. nagpapahinga Naghihilay sida sa bangko. She is reclining on the chair. Aya gipahilay sa ako nak inagaos ikaw. Don’t lean on me because you are hot. Nakapahilay-hilay sida sa ingkuran. She is reclined in the chair. syn: sanrig 1, halintang 2. (sem. domains: 7.1.3 - Lie down, 7.1.6 - Lean.) 3vi To recline or cause something to recline. Apahilayon nako kag anak sa katri dahil napupunaw sida. I’ll recline the child on the bed because he feels faint. (sem. domains: 7.1.3 - Lie down, 7.1.6 - Lean.) der. pahilay-hilay

kapisok [kapísok] vi To go to sleep; to fall asleep. natulog Karugay magkapisok si Cliff it gab-i. Cliff went to sleep late last night. syn: katuyog 1, higra 1, pahuway, pilot, hilay-hilay 1. (sem. domains: 5.7 - Sleep.)

katuyog [katúyog] (der. of tuyog) 1vbt To sleep; to go to bed (usually referring to sleeping at night but also can be used to refer to sleeping or napping during the day). idlip, natulog Niong oras ikaw nagkatuyog it gab-i? What time did you go to bed last night? Waya ako nakakatuyog it maado dahil naghapros kag ako ngisi. I wasn’t able to sleep well because of my toothache. Makukatuyog anay ako bag-o magtrabaho. I’ll rest awhile first before working. Nagkukukatuyog kag anak agor indi masugo. The child is pretending to sleep so that he can’t be commanded to do anything. Ingpakatuyog kag anak ni Nanay tong alas otso. Mother put the baby to bed at eight o’clock. syn: higra 1, kapisok, pahuway, pilot, hilay-hilay 1. (sem. domains: 5.7 - Sleep.) 2n Sleep. Kumusta kag imo katuyog it gab-i? How was your sleep last night? (i.e., How did you sleep?) (sem. domains: 5.7 - Sleep.) 3vbt To fall asleep; to be put to sleep by something or to intentionally sleep through something (eg. a lecture, talk) Nakatuyugan ako it gab-i habang nagbabasa. I fell asleep last night while I was reading. Waya ako natuyuogi it gab-i dahil kahapros ka ako bituka. I wasn’t able to slepp last night because my stomach hurt. Nakatuyugan nako kag ida leksyon dahil kasasawa. I slept through his lecture because it was boring. [The intentional form ingkatuyugan is impolite; the unintentional for nakatuyugan is more acceptable.] (sem. domains: 5.7.1 - Go to sleep.) der. katuyugan

pilot [pílot] vt To close one’s eyes; to rest for a short time; to rest ones eyes. pikít Nagpipilot kag mga tawo pagnagrarasay. The people close their eyes when praying. Pilutan kinang imo pilay it mata. Rest your tired eyes. syn: katuyog 1, higra 1, kapisok, pahuway, hilay-hilay 1.

anay₁ [ánay] part 1First; for a while; for the time being; for now; (not) yet, just yet, for a while yet (as of a polite request or delay). [This particle occurs in the Verb Phrase, as the 9th position member of enclitic particles that occur 2nd position to the verb or negator.] muna Magpahuway anay kita. Let’s rest a while first. Bag-o sida mag-aray it liksyon, nagbabasa anay sida it dyaryo. Before he studies his lessons he first reads the paper. Butangan anay ruto. Put it there for now please. Umai sida anay it balita. Tell her first what the news is. Umai sida it balita anay. Tell her the news first. Kaling maisot anay kag kaligusi bag-o kinang marako. Bath this small one first before that big one. (sem. domains: - A short time, 9.2.6 - Particles, - First.) 2Please; come on! (as of expressing polite social pressure). (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles, 3.3 - Want.) 3Not just yet; not for a while yet. Indi anay kita gihalin. Let’s not leave just yet. Aya anay ikaw gikaon. Don’t eat for a while yet. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles, - After.) 4Just a minute!
Aya anay.

Just a minute!
(sem. domains: - A short time, 9.2.6 - Particles.)
comp. anay yang , comp. aya anay , comp. aya anay yang , comp. indi anay

de [] 1part Sinl Then, at that time; soon after; following next in order; in that case. kaya Di sige ako nak bugsay. Then I kept on paddling. Di tinawog ni Amo ag katong hagtoy si Amo sa ibabaw, kinaon ni Amo, waya nak gador sida gihuyog para kang Bao. So Monkey climbed up and when he got up to the top he ate them and didn’t drop any at all to Turtle. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles.) 2part Well; that’s why (as in the reason that something happened). Impipilay ka? Di magpahuway ka. Are you tired? Well get some rest. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles.)

istampa₂ [istámpa] 1n A place which can easily be seen; highly visible; obvious. TWO ENTRIES istampa Kag inra bayay ay asa istampa nak gador. Their house is right in a place where people can easily see it. (sem. domains: - Up.) 2v To be directly in line with something; to shine, blow directly on something (as of the sun, wind). tapat Auntie, asing haling gador sa istampa it adlaw kita gigpahuway? Aunty why are we resting here right in the direct line of the sun. (sem. domains: 8.5.5 - Spatial relations.)

lampos [lámpos] 11.1vbt To hit somebody, something with an object; beat; pound. palo, hampas Inglamposan nako kag baktin sa ida ngoso it planggana. I hit the pig on his snout with the wash basin. Inglampos nako sa bato kag luway agor mababay-an it buyak. I pounded the broom grass against the rock so as to remove the flowers. 22.1vi To drop things with force or in anger. hampas syn: tikok, bakoy, pukoy.

palabi [palabí] vt To give high priority to something; to favour something; to value something; to show partiality towards somebody. una, unahin Mas inapalabi pa ni Jesus kag pagpalapnag it maadong balita kisa magpahuway. Jesus would give higher priority to preaching the gospel than resting.
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