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ragil [ragíl] adj Spendthrift; big spender; go through money fast. waldas Kag ida mga hali ay puro ragil kada naubos kag ida kwarta. Her relatives are all spendthrifts therefore her money is all used up.

waldas [wáldas] 1adj Extravagant; lavish; careless with ones money, or possessions; wasting, destoying things.spendthrift. waldas Nahangit kag nanay sa ida waldas nak anak. Mother is angry with her extravagant child. Syn: gastos 1. (sem. domains: - Spend.) 2n Spendthrift of money. Si Syl ay waldasera kada waya’t kwarta. Syl is a spendthrift so she has no money. (sem. domains: - Spend.) 3vt To spend a lot of money; to be extravagant, careless with things. Nagwaldas sida it rakong kwarta. He spent a lot of money. (sem. domains: - Spend.)

gastos [gástos] 1n Heavy expenses. Syn: waldas 1. (sem. domains: - Expensive.) 2vt To spend heavily. gástos Aya gigastusa kag imo pangmatrikula. Don’t spend the money that you’ll use for matriculation fee. (sem. domains: - Expensive.) der. gastadora