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yagadaw [yagádaw] 1n Going out for fun; gadding-about. syn: gala 3. 2adj Constantly going out; gad-about. 3vbt To go around for fun; to gad-about (this can be for good or bad purposes). gala Sige yang sidang nagyagadaw aber waya’t tsinelas. She kept going around even without slippers om. syn: wardi-wardi, gala 1, yad-aw.

yad-aw₂ [yád-aw] vi To allow to run,graze freely. Always out and about, travelling around, as of a person. gala Inra yang ingpapayadaw katong inra baktin. They just allow their pig to run and roam around freely. syn: wardi-wardi, gala 1, yagadaw 3. (sem. domains: - Go.)

wardi-wardi [wardi-wárdi] (irreg. infl. waldi-waldi) vi To loiter. ikot ng ikot, gala ng gala Sige yang kag ida wardi-wardi palibot sa banwa kada wayaey sida it oras magbulig sa bayay. She just loitered around the town therefore she has no time left to help at home. syn: gala 1, yad-aw, yagadaw 3.

gala [gálà] 1n The wandering route, destination. syn: wardi-wardi, yad-aw, yagadaw 3. (sem. domains: - Way, route.) 2adj Constantly wandering about. (sem. domains: 7.2.4 - Travel.) 3vbt To wander around; to run, graze freely. Buong banwa kag ida inggagala-an permi. She always wanders around the whole town. syn: yagadaw 1. (sem. domains: - Way, route.)