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yasihas [yasíhas] v To run off because of fear, scatter in all directions (as of animals). watak-watak Kag mga baka sa rantso ay nagpangyasihas tong ingyagor it iro. The herd of cows on the ranch ran in all directions when chased by the dog.

watak-watak [watak-waták] vt To tear into pieces; to scatter, spread around; to go separate ways from others. watak-watak Nagkawatak-watak kag grupo it mga sundalo tong lusobon sinra it kaaway. The groups of soldiers had gone their separate ways when they were attacked by enemies.

wagit-wagit₁ [wagit-wagít] v To scatter and get lost (as of animals). watak-watak Aya gibuhii kinang mga isiw mapangwagit-wagit ray kina. Don’t let the chickens out or they will scatter again and get lost.