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yayan₂ [yayán] 11.1vt To eat something on its own, such as jam, peanut butter, etc. papak It gipakayayana raw nida tong peanut butter aber waya’t inbutangang tinapay. She ate on its own the peanut butter even without bread. 22.1v To do alone, one only (as of one person acting alone or doing only one action at a time). Ingyayan nako kinang ako hilamunon nak waya ra it nagbubulig. I did the weeding on my own since there was no one else helping. Kag amo suya ay naubos it yayan it mga anak. The children ate up all our viand on its own without anything else.

yatis [yátis] (irreg. infl. yati) excl To resent a missed opportunity; to be disappointed; Oh blow! too bad! Yatis waya ako nakanunot pa Baguio. Too bad I wasn’t able to go with them to Baguio.

yaot [yáot] adj You’re to blame; It’s your fault. imbis Yaot nak hali kinang anak sa hospital ingraya pa sa albularyo kitang waya naulii. It’s your fault that the child is here in hospital since you kept on taking her to the spirit healer, see he hasn’t got better.

yanog₂ [yanóg] 1adj Bruised, soft (said of fruits, vegetables). bugbog Waya’t nagbakay rutong mga yanog nak abokado. Nobody bought those bruised avocadoes. (sem. domains: 7.9.1 - Damage.) 2v To become bruised (fruit). Aya gipislita kag batag nak mayayanog. Don’t squeeze the bananas - they’ll become bruised. (sem. domains: 7.9.1 - Damage.) 3v To beat up somebody; to beat to a pulp. (sem. domains: 2.5.3 - Injure.) 4adj Bruised muscles (from beating). bugbog (sem. domains: 2.5.3 - Injure.)

yanga₁ [yángà] vi To wander from one place to another; to be unable to find a place for something. maligaw Mayanga sida it paulian dahil wayaey roto kag ida kaibhanan sa dating bayay. She’ll be unable to find a place to stay because her companion is no longer there in the former house.

yang part Just, only (as of limiting the scope of something). lang Huyat yang anay, masapatos yang ako. Just wait a minute, I only have to put my shoes on. Waya man yang sida ruto. He just wasn’t there. Kamo yang it pagto sa bukir. Only you go up country. Pila yang kag imo plite dili? Just how much was your fare here? Para yang ra abi kuno kato sa inra amigo. I think he also said that it was just for their friend. comp. abot-abot yang , comp. anay yang , comp. ato-ato yang , comp. aya ako giistoryahe papagto ka pa yang pabalikey ako , comp. aya anay yang , comp. ayos yang maado ra sa waya , comp. pakitang tawo yang kag kabuot , comp. pay kauno yang , comp. pay kauno yang/pay kasan-o yang , comp. tawo yang , id. yangey pati

yamusang [yamúsang] adj 1Messy, disorderly (as sore, or things in a suitcase or room). Kag ida ugar ay abang yamusangey nak waya nabubuyong. His wound is very messy because its not been treated. (sem. domains: - Untidy.) 2Exceedingly many, great as of catch of fish, food around mouth of a child. (sem. domains: - Manner of eating, 6.4.5 - Fishing.)

yampoy [yámpoy] 1adj Shady. malilim syn: sinrong 1, yanrong. (sem. domains: - Forest, grassland, desert.) 2vi To be shaded. Nayayampuyan kag mga buyak kada waya giyayadong kag rahon. The flowers are shaded that’s why its leaves don’t wither.

yamig [yamíg] 1n Cold. lamig syn: hagan-hagan 2. (sem. domains: 1 - Universe, creation, - Snow, ice.) 2adj Cold, cool. Igwa baga’t mayamig nak Pepsi? Is there any cold Pepsi? 3vi To feel cold or cool; to become weak in faith (lit. faith becomes cold). magináw Nagyamig sida sa pagtuo it katong sida’y masunogon it bayay. He became weak in faith when his house was burned. Inayamig ako dahil waya ako’t suksok nak sweater. I feel cold because I’m not wearing a sweater. 4vi To cool off, become cool or cold (said of water or other liquids). Nagyamig kag ako kape nak nabilin sa pantaw. My coffee I left on the porch became cold. syn: Ebahobahaw. 5vt To cause or allow something to cool off. Apayamigon nako kag niyaga nak tubi bag-o inumon. I’ll let the boiled water cool before drinking it. Indi nako sida giistoryahan hanggan indi magyamig kag ida uyo. I won’t talk to him until he cools off. Nagpayamig sida it ida uyo bag-o nagpauli. He let his temper cool down before going home.

yamat [yámat] part An expression of disgust such as “how irritating”. hamak, nakakainis Yamat! Waya giraog ka ako buyangan. How irritating! My fighting cock didn’t win. syn: yati 1, yawa 1.

yakaraw [yakáraw] vbt To go somewhere; to reach a destination. lagalag Mayakaraw ray kamo ay waya pa gani nakakayuto. You will go out again yet you haven’t even cooked our food.

yagadaw [yagádaw] 1n Going out for fun; gadding-about. syn: gala 3. 2adj Constantly going out; gad-about. 3vbt To go around for fun; to gad-about (this can be for good or bad purposes). gala Sige yang sidang nagyagadaw aber waya’t tsinelas. She kept going around even without slippers om. syn: wardi-wardi, gala 1, yad-aw.

yabtik [yábtik] n The rope, line to pull in the fishing net. lubid Nabugto ray kag ida yabtik kada waya nabira tong pamanting puno it isra. His pulling rope was broken so he wasn’t able to pull in the fishing net when it was full of fish.

yabni₁ [yábni] v To pull suddenly; to yank. Maado yang ay nayabni ni Paul kag baro it ida anak, kung waya ay naligis tan-a. It’s good that Paul gave a sudden pull on his clothing, if not he might have been run over.

yabni₂ [yábni] vt To grab something; to snatch something. agaw Ayabnihon tan-a it tong mananakaw tong ako bag kung waya nako nahuyti it maado. The thief would have just grabbed my bag had I not held it tightly. syn: agaw 1, hapnit.

wilwil [wílwil] vi To shake (as of fat under one’s arms). Ingpapawilwil ni David kag suso ni Nang Miling dahil wayaey it mabaoy nak gatas. David shook Nang Miling’s breasts because he couldn’t suck milk on them.

wayat sayang [wayá't sáyang] idiom - Convert to subentry Nothing’s ever wasted. walang sayang Kag puno it nidog ay waya’t sayang nak parti. The coconut tree has no part ever wasted.

wayat utang nak buot [wayá't útang nak buót] saying - Convert to subentry Ungrateful. walang utang na loob Si Ana ay waya’t utang nak buot sa nagpaeskwela sa ida sa kolehiyo. Ana is ungrateful to the one who sent her to college to study.

wayat sariling kahimtangan [wayá't saríling kahimtángan] adj Won’t settle down; unsettled, nomadic (as of a person who moves between different places and jobs). walang sariling tirahan Kag mga Ita ay waya’t sariling kahimtangan nak mga tawo. Negritos are people who don’t settles in one place.

wayat paaman [wayá't paáman] idiom - Convert to subentry Without warning, asking permission; unexpectedly. walang babala Kag linog ay naabot yang sa ato it waya’t paaman. An earthquake strike without warning.

wayat nauunang pagsuli-suli kundi ay sa bandang h... [wayá't nauunáng pagsuli-súli kundi ay sa bandang h] saying - Convert to subentry One never realises the consequences or feels the need of repentance until after one does something wrong (lit:‘Repenting never goes ahead but rather comes later’). walang nauunang pagsisisi kundi nasa bandang huli

wayat nanunugon ruto sa bayay [wayá't nanunúgon ruto sa bayáy] idiom - Convert to subentry No one takes any care, notice of the house’s condition. walang nanghihinayang doon sa bahay Aber usa sa ida anak ay waya’t nanunugon ruto sa bayay nak ida namana. Not even one among his children takes any notice of the condition of the house which they inherited.

wayat matugas nak tinapay sa mainit nak kape [wayá't matugás nak tinápay sa ma-ínit nak kapé] PH There's nothing impossible if one really want's it (lit: there is no hard bread in hot coffee). (sem. domains: - Word.)

wayat mga lihim nak wayat nabubunyag [wayá't mga líhim nak wayá't nabubúnyag] saying - Convert to subentry Nothing becomes transparent that wasn’t watered (fig: your sins will find you out; big sins come from small beginnings/big trees from small acorns grow).

wayat korte [wayat kórte] adj Shapeless, (without curve, shape). (sem. domains: 8.3.1 - Shape.)