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hagwayr [hágwayr] n Chain wire (as of sheets of wire tied to form large squares). (sem. domains: - Rope, string, - Working with metal.)

ruot [ruót] 1vt To touch, as of one thing against another; to place things close together so they are touching. Delikado kung igwa’t ruhang wayr it elektrisidad nak nagruruotan. It’s dangerous if there are two electrical wires touching each other. Nagruot sida sa ako. He touched against me. Dahil sa ida karuruot it tubi, sida ay gingyan-ag. Because of always being in water he got athlete’s foot. Aruuton nako kag pagtanom. I will place the plants close together. syn: siko, siot 1, masiki. 2adj Tight fitting, pressing together with little space between; crowded; close together. dikit Ruot-ruot kag mga tawo sa sinehan. The people are crowded in the theater.

taying wayr [táying wáyr] n Tying wire (as used for clothes lines etc.). alambre

tukor it kwayr [túkor it kwayr] vt To conduct a choir. mag-insayo ng awit Gusto nida magtukor it kwayr. She wants to conduct a choir.

wayr [wáyr] n Wire. alambre