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winri-winri₂ [winri-wínri] (irreg. infl. ruwinri-ruwinri; irreg. infl. windri-windri)

windri-windri [windri-wíndri] irreg. infl. of winri-winri

mayaot [mayá-ot] 1adj Evil spirits, beings; evil one. syn: ingkanto 2. (sem. domains: 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.) 2n Evildoing; wickedness. 3n Evil spirits; spirits of a good or bad nature including “windri-windri” (dwarfs) and “inkanto” (fairies). masamang espirito Nag-istar kuno kag mga mayaot sa kaguyangan. They say the evil spirits like to live in the deserted forest. Aya gitudlo-udlo hina sa kaguyangan baling makita ka it mga mayaot. Don’t ever point at something in the forest you might be seen by evil spirits.