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yomyom [yómyom] vbt To sit on eggs (as of a hen in order to hatch the eggs). lilim Ingyumyumaney it guyang kag ida itlog tuna tahapon. The hen has been sitting on her eggs since yesterday.

yo-go₁ [yó-gò] adj Slightly undercooked grains, rice. hilaw syn: og-og, mayo-go, pyabantuyan. der. mayo-go

yinakaran it buyan [yinakáran it búyan] n Abnormal development of coconut fruit with small amount of flesh. (sem. domains: - Crop failure, - Food from fruit.)

yinakar it buyan [yinakár it búyan] id 1Coconut with meat and juice but makes no sound when shaken. 2Lunatic; a person with mental problems; a loony person, perhaps more frequent during full moon.

yayugan [yayúgan] n Container for pig’s food. lalagyan ng pagkaing baboy Natumba kag yayugan it baktin ag naudak kag suyor nak baho. The container for the pig’s food fell on its side and the smelly contents spilled out.

yayog [yayóg] n Pig’s food. pagkain ng baboy karako kag inra natipon nak yayog tong maghanra sinra sa kasay ni Teri. They saved a big amount of pig’s food when they prepared for Teri’s wedding.

yayangon [yayángon] v To take, handle things without asking. (sem. domains: - Refuse permission.)

yayan₂ [yayán] 11.1vt To eat something on its own, such as jam, peanut butter, etc. papak It gipakayayana raw nida tong peanut butter aber waya’t inbutangang tinapay. She ate on its own the peanut butter even without bread. 22.1v To do alone, one only (as of one person acting alone or doing only one action at a time). Ingyayan nako kinang ako hilamunon nak waya ra it nagbubulig. I did the weeding on my own since there was no one else helping. Kag amo suya ay naubos it yayan it mga anak. The children ate up all our viand on its own without anything else.

yayan₁ [yayán] v To eat raw fish dish. Kag amo isra ay gingyayan yang ninra. They just ate our fish as a raw fish dish.

yaya₄ [yáya] n Maids caring for children. Nanny; yaya (sem. domains: - Working relationship.)

yaya₂ [yáyà] vbt To weave baskets, sleeping mats from rattan, palm fronds. maglála; lumála Abang tulin sida magyaya it banig. She weaves mats very fast. syn: yakyak. (sem. domains: - Weaving baskets and mats.)

yaya₃ [yáya] adj Stinging pain as of sting of scorpion or centipede; numb. masakit Mayaya kag kinapunan ni Brandy. The castrated part of the dog, Brandy is stinging with pain. (sem. domains: - Pain.)

yawor [yawór] n Ocean; deep sea. láot (sem. domains: - Ocean, lake.) der. payawor

yawig [yáwig] adj To go a long distance; to cover a large area, wide scoop. malawak Si David ay ingtaw-an it mayawig nak kaisipan it panginoon para mapirdi nida si Goliat. David was given a large amount of wisdom by God on how to outdo Goliath.

yawog [yáwog] n Bunch of coconuts; plentiful crop (as of fruits on one stalk like coconuts, guavas, kamansi, mangoes). isang buwig

yawhaw [yáwhaw] 1adj High place where one feels like falling. 2vi To feel like one will fall from a height; to have one’s stomach in one’s mouth. lula Ingyawhawan ako pagsakay sa eroplano. I felt like falling from a height when I rode on the airplane. 3adj Scarey, frightening as of Jeepney going too fast in steep hills. (sem. domains: - Afraid.)

yawhak₃ [yáwhak] v To tremble with great fear, nervousness prior to some event which is approaching. kinabahan Tanang tawo sa inra lugar ay ingyawhakan tong maglinog it makusog. All the people in their place trembled with great fear when the strong earthquake struck.

yawhak₄ [yáwhak] n Anxiety. Si Lita ay ing-atake it yawhak tong magpaSaudi kag ida asawa. Lita was overcome with anxiety when her husband went to Saudi.

yawhak₁ [yáwhak] v To get stagefright; to be nervous doing something. kaba Ingyawhakan sida tong magsaka sa intablado ag magbisaya sa atubangan it mga nagtapos. He got stagefright when he went up on the stage and gave a speech in front of the graduates.

yawhak₂ [yáwhak] v 1To beat fast (said of one’s heart when one is nervous). kaba, nininerbyos Nagyayawhak kag ako puso. My heart is beating fast. 2To be nervous; anxious. Ingyayawhakan sida pagkarungog it bagyo. She was nervous when she heard of the typhoon. Inayawhakan ako sa ato eksamin. I’m nervous about our examination. syn: taranta 1. 3To intentionally make somebody nervous. Apayawhakan nida kinang anak it ida istorya nak kahahadlok. He will make the child nervous with his frightening story.

yawas [yáwas] n 1Body (as of the general term for the whole body animals and people). katawán (sem. domains: 2.1 - Body.) 2Trunk, stem, body of large plants and trees. (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) comp. mga parti it yawas , comp. mga yawas , der. pangyawasnon

yawa-yawa [yawa-yawâ] n 1Spider (as of the general term for all spiders, especially house spiders). gagambá (sem. domains: - Spider.) 2Spider webs; cobwebs (as of the homes, webs of spiders). (sem. domains: 1.6.5 - Animal home.) 3Dust and cobwebs (as of the build-up of dust and cobwebs that makes a house dirty). (sem. domains: 5.6.1 - Clean, dirty, - Spider.) 4To have opaque, web-like appearance in the eyes (as of in someone who is sick or seems to be going blind). (sem. domains: 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease, - Eye.)

yawa [yáwà] 1n Devil; SOB (son of a bitch); bastard. (swear word). demónyo syn: yati 1, yamat. (sem. domains: - Obscenity.) 2v To call somebody a devil; SOB (son of a bitch); bastard (swear word). Mayain kinang anak dahil permi sida nagpapangyawa sa ida nanay. That child is very bad because she is always calling her mother a devil. (sem. domains: - Obscenity.)

yatir [yátir] v To trip up somebody by catching their leg with one’s foot, by putting one’s foot out. nadagil Ingyatir nako kag baktin sa ida siki. I tripped the pig by catching his foot with my foot.