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yabor [yábor] 1n Sediment, slime, deposit left from a liquid (as of something falling to the bottom of a container). Sayaa kag tubi bag-o ibutang sa gining dahil abang ramong yabor. Strain the water before putting it in the water jar because there’s a lot of sediment in it. (sem. domains: 1.3.6 - Water quality.) 2v To sink to the bottom of liquids (as of sediment, solid particles). Pagkabawas it tubi sa planggana ay nabilin kag nagyabor nak buling ag sabon. When some water is poured out of the washing dish what’s left is the dirt and soap that has sunk to the bottom.

tugrang [túgrang] vbt To let something settle to the bottom in a liquid (as of the dirt in water, the solid particles in juice, the dropping of an anchor). pinatining Patugrangon anay nimo kag yabor bag-o ka mag-inom. You let the residue settle first to the bottom of the glass before drinking it. der. patugrang