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yabot [yábot] 1adj Different. Yabot ka inra mga ugali, no? Their customs are different, no? syn: kaiba. 2vi To become, be different; to change something (as one’s mind). iba Imaw kali kag nagyabot it kahulugan. This is how the meanings differed.

panyabot₂ [panyabót] adj Not very well. hindi masyadong magaling

panyabot₁ [panyabót] (say. of panutsa) n Feelings. pakiramdam Nagyain kag ida panyabot pagkakita sa ida asawa nak inggwa it ibang kabadi. Her feelings were hurt when she saw her husband with another woman.

kaiba [ka-ibá] adj Unique; different. kaibahan Kag ida parayan it pagtudlo ay kaiba sa ako parayan it pagtudlo. His method of teaching is unique when compared to my method of teaching. syn: yabot 1. (sem. domains: - Different, - Unique.)

ato₁ [áto] 1vt To provoke a reaction, fight that one can win against somebody younger or weaker; to pay unnecessary attention, take childish actions seriously enough to react (as of an older child reacting, bullying, intimidating or showing their superiority over a younger sibling). patulan Ing-ato busa nimo sida kada nagrako kag gulo. It’s your fault for reacting to her therefore the trouble got worse. Ging-atoey ra kina nimo sida it estoryahan ay yabot kag ida gingtutuuhan. Why do you have to argue with him when in fact he has different beliefs from you. (sem. domains: 4.8 - Conflict.) 2v To entertain an impractical idea, desire beyond one's good judgment, means or ability (as of paying too high a price, buying too expensive a dress, hoping to become something beyond one's ability). (sem. domains: - Agree with someone.) der. palaato