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yampoy [yámpoy] 1adj Shady. malilim syn: sinrong 1, yanrong. (sem. domains: - Forest, grassland, desert.) 2vi To be shaded. Nayayampuyan kag mga buyak kada waya giyayadong kag rahon. The flowers are shaded that’s why its leaves don’t wither.

yadong [yadóng] vi To close up at night; to wither wilt because of lack of water; (said of flowers or plants). nalanta Nagyadong kag mga buyak dahil nalimot ako magbunyag. The flowers wilted beacause I forgot to water them. syn: kupos 1.1, yada 2.

yada₁ [yádà] 1adj Dried up (as of parts of plants). 2vi To become dry, wither specifically of parts of plants. tuyo Nagyada kag mga rahon it buyak tong tig-sisilak. The leaves of the flowers became dried during the hot season. syn: kupos 1.1, yadong.

ulyanin [ulyánin] adj Senile. ulyanin Asing napakaulyaniney nimo ay buko pa ra ikaw masyadong guyang? Why are you so senile when your not yet too old. syn: mulianon.

ugai [ugái] (irreg. infl. ugae) conj Because it turned out that; so that’s why something happened; but, however the kaya pala

So that’s why that happened!
...ako ing-batak, gingpando nak ugae masyadong atras ako.... I folded up the sail, and fixed it because it turned out that I was really short of time…. Waya kag uning gikatuyog sa katri ugaey gusto nida sa suyor it aparador. The cat didn’t sleep on the bed but she wanted to sleep in the cupboard. Ugae ay buko malasa kag utan, nalimutan nidang asinan. The reason that the utan isn’t delicious, is that she forgot to put salt in it.
id. ugae ay

udo-udo₂ [udo-udó] adj Dull, stupid person. bubo Ingpahalin ni Mina tong inra kabulig nak asing masyadong udo-udo. Mina sent her maid away beacuse it seems she is a very stupid person.

tuyadong [tuyádong] v To be scattered far away; splattered far away. talsik Napagulpi it ubo kaling Tatang Gara, kag ida mam-on ay tumuyadong sa atubangan ni Nanay Asay. Suddenly Uncle Gara coughed and his chewed betel nut splattered far away on the front of Aunty Asay.

sigpon [sígpon] adj Busy. abal Masyadong sigpon si Kathy nak ap-at it anak ag waya pa it kabulig. Kathy is very busy since she has four children and no maid yet.

sabagay [sabágay] part Perhaps; if; because; the reason is; maybe (shows uncertainty). sabágay Kung sabagay waya ra ako’t masyadong awat kada mabubuligan ka nako it pagyuto. Anyway I don’t have any other work yet so I’ll be able to help you in cooking. Sabagay waya ra ako’t utang nak buot sa kandidatong kina kada indi ra ako nida mapabuto. Maybe I won’t vote for that candidate because I have no debt of gratitude to him. Si Raul ag Maria ay nagpakasay it sinra yang, sabagay sa idadey ra sinra. Raul and Maria got married just by themselves perhaps because they are old enough. Ingparaya nako kang Bob kag suyat sabagay kilaya ra nida si Judy. I send the letter to Judy thru Bob, anyway, he knew her too. syn: tutal. id. kung sabagay

risiko [risíko] v To subtract, reduce the kilos of harvested lugit being bought because of those which are not dry yet. bawas Ingrisikuhan tong linugit nina Bador dahil buko masyadong yuto. Bador’s copra was reduced because some of it is not well dried.

pintas [píntas] 11.1adj Cruel. bagsik Pag-abot rili ay naabotan it Hapon ag ka mga Hapon dili sa probinsya ay masyadong pintas. When we arrived here the Japanese arrived and the Japanese here in the province were very cruel. 1.2vt To treat cruelly; mistreat. Waya girugay tong kabulig sa inra dahil ingpintasan sida’t ida amo. The helper didn’t stay long in their place because his master mistreated him. 22.1vt To criticize something, somebody. Nahangit sida nak ingpintasan kag ida parayang regalo kang Tess. She got angry because the gift she sent to Tess was criticized.

panyabot₂ [panyabót] adj Not very well. hindi masyadong magaling

masyadong [masyádong] adv Very. napaka, sobra Sida ay masyadong atag sa amo. She’s very generous to us. comp. buko masyadong mahadag

liway [líway] 1n Clear space. maluwag Kag liway it inra rayaag ay tuyar sa basketbulan. The clear space in their yard is like the basketball court. syn: yápar 2. 2adj Spacious; wide; nothing blocking the area. Kada kaliway sa inra bayay ay waya’t masyadong mwebles. It’s spacious in their house because there’s not many pieces of furniture. 3vi To become spacious. Nagliway ka ida kwarto nak nabay-an it usang lamesa. His room became spacious because one table was removed from it. 4vi To clear a space, way. Ingpaliway nida kag arayanan it parada. He cleared the way where the parade will pass.

linas [línas] adj Clean; smooth. kinis Masyadong linas kag inra bayay dahil mahugor kag inra kabulig. Their house is very clean because their maid is very industrious. (sem. domains: 6.1.4 - Job satisfaction.)

kupos [kupós] 11.1vi To wither (as of plants). lanta Nagkupos kag tanom tong waya mabunyagi it ruhang adlaw. The plant withered when it wasn’t watered for two days. syn: yadong, yada 2. 22.1vi To become deflated as of ballons, balls or the tube of a tire. Nagkupos kag ida lobo dahil nabuhos. Her ballon became deflated because it got holes in it. 2.2vi To deflate something. Ida ingpakupos kag bola agur indi magamit it iba. He deflated the ball so that others couldn’t use it. 33.1vi To shrink in embarrassment/humiliation; to become shy. Nagkupos ako sa kahuda tong ida ako murahon sa karamuan. I shrunk in humiliation when she scolded me in the public.

klaro [kláro] adj 1True. totoo (sem. domains: - True.) 2Clear; lucid; frank (as of speech). linaw Masyadong klaro tong ida eksplikasyon. His explanation was very clear. (sem. domains: - Understandable, - Transparent.)

intyendi₁ [intyéndi] vt To see about something; to take care of, attend to a matter, business; to be concerned about or involved in something. TWO ENTRIES intindi Ingwa ako it aintindihon sa Odiongan. I have some business to attend to in Odiongan. Nagyadong kag buyak dahil waya it nag-iintindi sa pagbunyag. The flowers wilted because there was no one to attend to watering them. Waya ako it aintindihon hina. I have no concern in that. Kag amo Pastor ay imaw nak gador it nag-intindi it pagpakotkot sa yuyubngan ni Tatay. Our Pastor was the one who really attended to the digging of Father’s grave. [This included to attend to the burial needs of one’s elders.] (sem. domains: - Listen, - Attention.)

hab-on₂ [háb-on] adj Possessive. mapusok Masyadong hab-on kinang imo nobyo. Your boyfriend is so possessive. (sem. domains: - Obsessed, - Attract, - Interested.)

buko masyadong mahadag [bukô masyádong mahádag] (comp. of buko, masyadong, hadag) adj 1Dimly visible; not very clear, bright (as of light, visibility). [lit: not very clear/bright] (sem. domains: - Bright, - Eye.) 2Ambiguous; not very clear (as of speech). [lit: not very clear] Pay buko masyadong mahadag kag pagpinartihan it duta kada nag-inaway tong magmanghor. It seems the sharing of land is too ambiguous that’s why those brothers and sisters are quarreling. (sem. domains: - Meaning.)

biga₂ [bígà] n Plant species which is a rootcrop called "elephant leaf" belonging to the family of gábi. It is an inedible wild plant but the leaf is used as an umbrella due to its size. gabi Mas gusto nako kag gayabon kaysa biga dahil buko masyadong ragko. I like ‘gayabon’ better than ‘biga’ because it’s not so big. [This root can be eaten in times of famine and is rich in carbohydrates but poor in other food constituents. The spadix or leaf stalk is used in medical decoction as a treatment for difficult menopause.] Cyrtosperma Merkusii (sem. domains: - Food from roots.)

ay sa [ay sa] (comp. of ay, sa) conj Because. dahil Sidaey kag ako inghanap ay sa indi gihapon nako matakor. He’s the one I was looking for because I just couldn’t bear to give up and go ashore. Masyadong atras ako ay sa dahil tong yadag ay masyadong kwaney...! I was very short of time because the reason was that the soil was very what’s it called…! syn: komo, bangor nak, dahil, tungor 1, imaw ngani, bangor 2, kumo. (sem. domains: 9.2.5 - Conjunctions.)

lamayo₂ [lamayó] adj Damp; almost dry (as of cloth). Moist, half dry, as of half-dry sun-dried seed. hindi masyadong tuyo Pinawa katong mga nakabuyar nak yamit pagmag-uyan dahil kato ay mga lamayoy Take in the dried clothes when it rains because they are almost dry. (sem. domains: - A short time.)

buhi₂ [búhì] (der. of buhi) 1v To give, sustain the life of somebody (as of God's action as the source of life). (sem. domains: 2.6 - Life.) 2sta To live, be alive. nabuhay Nabubuhi pa kag ako tatay. My father is still living. Nabuhi ra!. Still safe! Nabuhi liwat si Kristo pagkalipas it tatlong adlaw it ida pagkamatay. Christ came back to life three days after his death. Mabubuhi kita ray liwat kung mabalik si Kristo. We will be resurrected when Christ returns. syn: banhaw. (sem. domains: 2.6 - Life.) 3sta To live by, be making a living by a certain means (as of by begging, working etc.). (sem. domains: 2.6 - Life, 6.1 - Work.) 4sta To live, come safely through, survive an accident or danger. (sem. domains: 2.6 - Life.) 5v To revive, resuscitate the life of something that has been damaged or dying (as of a plant, animal, person or part thereof, and of an idea etc.). Ingbuhi nida kag nayadong nak tanom sa pagbunyag. She revived the withered plants by watering them. Ingbuhi it mga doktor kag waya’t animo nak tawo. Doctors revive unconscious people. Ingbubuhi kag ugat sa paggamit it mga lana. Veins are revived by using oil. Abuhion it Ginoo kag ato kainit sa pagserbisyo sa ida. The Lord will revive our zeal for serving him. Ipangbuhi kag mga lampunaya it mga patay nak ugat. The ‘lampunaya’ leaves will be used to revive the dead veins. (sem. domains: 2.5 - Healthy, 2.6 - Life, 6.3.8 - Veterinary science, 1.4 - Living things, 1.5.6 - Growth of plants.) 6v To revive the use of something that has been forgotten or neglected (as of an idea, plan). (sem. domains: - Return something, - Use.) 7v To bring back to life, resurrect from death. (sem. domains: - Life after death, - Resurrection.) comp. bag-ong kabuhi , comp. kinabuhing wayat katapusan , comp. mabubuhi liwat , comp. mga buhi nak butang , comp. wayat ibuhi , der. ibuhi , der. ipangabuhi , der. ipangabuhi , der. kabuhi , der. kinabuhi , der. pagpangabuhi , der. pangabuhi , der. pangabuhian

yupa₂ [yupâ] adj Very weak in strength (as of one’s body). kailangan pang huytan kag anak dahil masyadong yupa pa magpanaw. You should hold the child because he’s still very weak when walking. (sem. domains: 2.5 - Healthy.)