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yamhong [yámhong] v To swell as of a boil or infected body part. mamagâ Nayamhong kag ugar pag nababasa. Wounds swell when wet by water. syn: yabhag.

yabhag [yábhag] vi To swell; to become swollen; to have wounds show red; to raise whelts. latay Kag ida kinagtan it gudom ay nagyabhag sa siki. Where the ants bit him showed up red on his foot. Nagyabhag kag ida braso nak kinagat it surot. His arm that was bitten by the bedbug became swollen. syn: yamhong.

tortor [tórtor] vt To beat up somebody/something; to hit. pokpok Natortor nako it martilyo kag ida damot kada nagyamhong. I happened to hit his hand with a hammer so it became swollen.

tapay₂ [tápay] vbt To apply a poulice of medicinal leaves on the body. tapal Ingtapayan nako kag ako yamhongon nak siki it sili. I applied chili leaves on my swollen foot. syn: tampoy, banlos 2. (sem. domains: - Traditional medicine.)

tampoy [támpoy] vt To apply medicinal leaves on the body. tapal Ingtampoy nako kag mga rahon it sili sa ako yamhongon nak siki. I applied chili leaves on my swollen foot. syn: banlos 2, tapay.

suyop₂ [súyop] 11.1vt To sip a liquid; to drink; to suck; to suck through a straw, hose. sipsip Ingsuyop abi it nanay tong nana sa ugar it ida anak. The mother sucked the pus on the wound of her child. Ginsuyop ni Susing kag suso ni Gigi dahil nagyuyuyorey. Susing sucked the breast of Gigi because the milk was already flowing. Katulin magsuyop tong baktin it ida bahog. The pig sips his food very fast. (sem. domains: 2.3.3 - Taste.) 22.1v To drink a lot; to retain water. Nagsuyop tong ida ugar it tubi kada nagpakayamhong. Her wound retained much water therefore it became more swollen. (sem. domains: - Beverage.) 33.1v To absorb water (as of a porous, absorbent material). Aya Toto gibasa kinang imo ugar dahil baka magsuyop it tubi. Sonny, don’t get your sore wet because it might absorb the water. (sem. domains: - Take something out of something.)

sugor [sugór] vi To be stung, bitten by an insect, especially of a bee, wasp or centipede. kagat Nagyamhong kag sinuguran it alimbubudog. The bite of the wasp became swollen. Ingsusugor it putyukan kag karabaw. The bee is stinging the carabao. syn: sigir 1.

rangga [rángga] 1adj Humid; muggy, as of a weather. (sem. domains: 1.1.3 - Weather.) 1.1adj Humid weather. maalinsangan, mainit Marangga kag panahon ngasing. The weather now is humid. (sem. domains: 1.1.3 - Weather.) 22.1n Heat (from some source e.g. fire, sun). init Nabatsagan nida kag rangga it kayado pagpayungot sa kalán. She felt the heat of the fire when she got close to the charcoal stove. (sem. domains: 1.1.3 - Weather.) 2.2vbt To become hot (often of a great amount of heat as from a fire or the sun). Naranggahan sida kada nagyamhong kag ida mata. He got too much heat from the fire so his eyes swelled up. Nagranggaey kag kayado dahil marakoey ka ida aput. The fire became hot because she had made it burn well. Aranggahan ikaw pag magpayungot sa kayado. You will get hot when you go near the fire. (sem. domains: 1.1.3 - Weather, 5.5.5 - What fires produce.)

rado-rado₁ [rado-rádo] n Cuticle. Nagyamhong kag ida siki sa kababaoy it rado-rado. Her feet had swollen when she removed the cuticle.

puyas [puyás] n Vagina. poki Nagyamhong kag puyas it baktin. The vagina of the pig is swollen.

muto [múto] n Infected toe nail. Nagyamhong tong ida siki dahil di muto. His feet bulged because of the infected toe nail.

kunit₂ [kúnit] vt To pinch somebody. kurot Kag nagkunit sa ida ay kag manghor. The one who pinched her was the younger sibling. Nagyamhong kag ida kinunitan. The part where she was pinched became swollen. der. kinunitan

kiwit [kíwit] 1adj Twisted, crooked appearance (as of a person, weaving). liko, hindi tuwid syn: ngiwi-ngiwi. (sem. domains: - Twist, wring.) 2vi To pull a face; to twist ones face; to be crooked. Nagkiwit kag ida uda tong nagyamhong ka ida ngayos. Her face became crooked when her gums swell. (sem. domains: - Pull, 2.5.3 - Injure.) 3v To pull a face at somebody; to do something crookedly. ngiwi Nahangit tong anak sa ako ag ako’y ida ingkiwitan. The child got angry with me and she pulled a face at me.

ikang [íkang] v To walk with slight limp because of a foot injury. pilay-pilay maglakad Si Lydia ay nag-iikang tong magyamhong kag ida siki. Lydia walks with a slight limp because of a foot injury when her legs swelled up. (sem. domains: - Walk with difficulty.)

yuta-yuta₁ [yuta-yutá] n Joint (as of the general term for any joint in the body e.g. hip joint, wrist, elbow etc.). kasu-kasuan Indi kapanaw it maado si Lyd dahil nagyamhong kag ida mga yuta-yuta. Lyd can’t walk very well because her hip joints are swollen. (sem. domains: 2.1.6 - Bone, joint.) comp. yuta-yuta sa tudlo