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yanaw [yánaw] v To surround, encircle fish with a net. tinitiyak Inayanaw anay ni Tang Johnny kag yuta bag-o magpanayap. Uncle Johnny surrounded the school of fish before pulling in the net.

syanaw [syánaw] v To fly swiftly; fly off in all directions as of a flock of birds that have been disturbed. nabulabog Dahil nagsyanaw kag mga manok, nakita nako katong mananakaw. Because the chickens flew swiftly, I saw and recognized who the thief was. syn: paler 2, yupar 1. (sem. domains: 1.6.6 - Animal group.)

paler [páler] 1vi To blow in the wind; to blow off the place where something is put or attached (as of leaves, paper, etc). Nagpapaler kag mga papel sa opisina dahil abrido kag gaha. The papers are blowing around in the office because the window is open. 2vt To blow something off of where it is placed or attached, such as paper or leaves. hinipan nang hangin Ingpangpaler kag mga rahon it hangin nak makusog. The leaves were blown off the trees by the strong wind. syn: yupar 1, syanaw.

mansigsyanaw [mansigsyánaw] v To all, each run off, scatter in different directions (as of individually scattering like frightened chickens).

yupar [yupár] vi 1To fly, as of birds, insects. lipád Maramong pisipis nak nagyuyupar kung mauyaney. There are many birds flying when it’s about to rain. Apayuparon nako kag pispis. I’ll let the bird fly. syn: paler 2, syanaw. (sem. domains: - Fly.) 2To forget, day dream, have one's thought elsewhere. (sem. domains: - Imagine.) comp. mataas it yupar , comp. pugar it mga mababa kag yupar