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yomyom [yómyom] vbt To sit on eggs (as of a hen in order to hatch the eggs). lilim Ingyumyumaney it guyang kag ida itlog tuna tahapon. The hen has been sitting on her eggs since yesterday.

yayangon [yayángon] v To take, handle things without asking. (sem. domains: - Refuse permission.)

yayan₁ [yayán] v To eat raw fish dish. Kag amo isra ay gingyayan yang ninra. They just ate our fish as a raw fish dish.

yapasak [yapásak] vi To fall with a noise, thud or splash. bagsak Nagyapasak kag botelyang ‘shampoo’ sa planggana. The bottle of shampoo fell with a splash into the wash basin.

yaom [yáom] vbt To depend on somebody for one’s needs; to be dependent on somebody (as of money, cigarettes). inaasa Karugayey nak puro yang sa ida Uncle sa Saudi ingyayaom kag kwarta. It’s been so long that he’s been depending on his Uncle in Saudi for money.

yangya [yangyá] n Large rattan.

yangob [yangób] adj Hollow cheeked (as of somebody without teeth). Yangob kag ida yuba kada buko sida maganda gigmuyatan. She’s hollow cheeked so she’s not nice to look at.

yangsi [yángsì] (irreg. infl. mayangsi kag anit) adj Pale. maputla Si Pedro ay kayangsiey dahil kuyang sa rugo. Pedro looks pale because he’s anemic.

yangsi-on kag anit [yangsi-on kag anít] n Pale, as of dry skin of a person who doesn't sweat, as of from sickness, shock pain. (sem. domains: 2.4.2 - Weak, 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease.)

yangkuban [yangkubán] n Lids and eyelashes around the eye. (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.)

yango [yangó] (dial. var. baslok) adj Drunk; intoxicated. lasing syn: bayong 3.

yangkag [yángkag] adj Sad; sorrowful person; lonely, remote place. malungkot syn: buyong 1, lisor 1, buyong 2.

yangkawas n The rhizome is used as a condiment, Flavor is similar to ginger but less pungent. It is also cooked with the sap of sugar cane or with honey and water to produce an entoxicating beverage. The rhizomes are carminative and stimulative, and a decoction of the leaves is used for antirheumatic and stimulant baths. langkauás languas pyramidata

yangkay [yángkay] adj Dried well, enough. tuyî na Kag binuyar nak payay nida ay yangkayey dahil makusog kag silak. The palay which he sundried was well dried because of the strong sunlight.

yangka n Fruit species; jackfruit; timber, shade tree. langka [It makes good preserves and other sweets. It is high in carbohydrate deficient in calcium and iron. The seeds are very rich in starch. They have a good flavor and are eaten either roasted or boiled. the young immature fruits are eaten as a vegetable. The bast of this species is used for rope, bark, clothing. The wood is used in dyeing yellow shades. The leaves, charred and powdered, are used as an effective cicatrizant for a wound resulting from a surgical operation for the removal of congenital phimosis.] Artocarpus heterophyllus (sem. domains: 6.5.3 - Building materials, - Food from fruit, 1.1.1 - Sun.)

yangi [yángi] v To decob, tear cobs from corn stalk. (sem. domains: 6.2.6 - Process harvest.)

yanggusong [yanggúsong] adj Rough surface. magaspang syn: masapnot.

yanggas₂ [yánggas] v To clean a wound with water or other liquid. langgas Ayanggasan nako kaling ako ugar sa siki. I will clean the wound on my foot. Nagyayanggas sida it mainit nak tubi sa ugar ni Cliff. She’s cleaning Cliff’s wound with warm water. syn: hugas, kilis 1, hinaw.

yanggaw [yánggaw] comp. bag-ong yanggaw

yanggi [yánggì] (dial. var. banggi) 1adj Broken off branches of trees. (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, 7.8.1 - Break.) 2v To break off branches of trees (as of by wind in a storm). (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, 7.8.1 - Break.)

yanggas₁ [yanggás] v To wash, bathe a wound with the liquid off boiled. Ingyanggasan ni Toby kag ida ugar sa siki. Toby put a boiled guava leaf poultice to the wound on his foot.

yangey pati₂ [yangéy patî] (id. of pati) idiom - Convert to subentry Might as well include also at the same time; while there somebody might as well do something else as well (lit: ‘just already include’).

yangey pati₃ [yangéy patî] 11.1part Might as well include, also at the same time; while there somebody might as well do something else as well (lit:‘just already include’). nalang pala Magpanilhig ikaw sa rayaag ag magbunyag ikaw yangey pati it tanom. Sweep the yard and you might as well water the plants at the same time. 22.1part So as a result. Nabadaan ako it bus. Nahuli yangey pati sa klase. I missed the bus. So as a result I was late for class.

yangey pati₁ [yangéy patî] (id. of yang) part Might as well include, also at the same time; while there somebody might as well do something else as well (lit:‘just already include’).

yangaw-yangaw [yangaw-yangáw] n Tiny moths around lights. langaw-langaw Abang ramong yangaw-yangaw nak nagrarapo sa iwag. There are plenty of tiny moths gathered around the lights.