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yapote n The fruit is medium-sezed, up to 2 centimeters in diameter usually smaller, dark red to black, rather dry and with a pleasant but rather acid flavor, and contains a large seed. It is rather acid for dessert fruit but makes a good wine or jelly. lipote Eugenia Curranii

yapot [yapót] n Thick coconut milk, the first straining. (sem. domains: - Food from plants.)

payapot [payápot] n Wedding gift from bridegroom to the bride; dowry. regalo Nagta-o it payapot nak singsing ag kulintas kag kasayong kayaki sa kasayong kabadi. The bridegroom gave a dowry of a ring and necklace to his bride. [This can be jewellery, shoes, umbrella, blanket, etc.]

mayapot [mayapót] adj Sticky; thick consistency (as of liquids). malapot Mayapot nak gata kag ida inggamit sa pagyuto. The coconut milk she used for cooking is a sticky one. syn: bakor 1.

bakor [bákor] 1adj Stiff, thick, heavy (as of starched cloth or a thick cooking mixture that is hard to stir etc.); viscous mixture. makapal Kag amo uniporme tong nag-eeskwela pa ay abang bakor nak sada ag blusa. Our uniform when we were still going to school was a very thick skirt and blouse. syn: mayapot. (sem. domains: - Stiff, flexible, - Dense.) 2v To stiffen; to become thick and hard (as of a dead body going into rigor mortis or a mixture becoming thick and hard to stir). tigas Nagbakorey kag minatay ay waya pa nabubutang sa kabaong. The dead body has stiffened but it has not yet been placed in the coffin. (sem. domains: - Stiff, flexible, - Dense, - Corpse.)