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yawas [yáwas] n 1Body (as of the general term for the whole body animals and people). katawán (sem. domains: 2.1 - Body.) 2Trunk, stem, body of large plants and trees. (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) comp. mga parti it yawas , comp. mga yawas , der. pangyawasnon

wayat malay kag kabikang yawas [wayá't málay kag kabíkang yáwas] n Paralized half body after a stroke (no.sensitivity.half.body). (sem. domains: 2.5.2 - Disease.)

waya it tapaludo [wayâ it tapalúdo] idiom - Convert to subentry Not wearing underwear (as of bra or panties). walang (tapaludo) panti Waya kuno sida it tapaludo kada pay nagsuyor kag hangin sa ida yawas. She’s not wearing underwear that’s why she feels that wind come through to her body.

takdo [tákdò] n Lizard (big). Maruragko it yawas kag takdo. The “takdo” lizards have very big bodies.

sugrong₁ [súgrong] 1n Join (sem. domains: - Put in.) 1.1vt To extend something (by joining or attaching something e.g. adding a new room to a house, lengthening a clothesline by adding a rope) dugtong, dagdag Sugrungi kag bayay it usa pang kwarto. Extend the house with one more room. Ingsugrungan nida it pisi kag buyaran. He extended the clothesline with rope. (sem. domains: - Extend.) 22.1adj Joined (with an extension). (sem. domains: - Extend.) 2.2n The join; the place, seam where the things join. (sem. domains: 7.5.2 - Join, attach.) 2.3vbt To join two things together (in order to extend one of them e.g. a ruffle joined onto a dress). Sugrungan sa gadar kag rapel/rebite. Join the ruffle to the hem. (sem. domains: 7.5.2 - Join, attach.) 2.4n Joined together. Sugrong kag yawas it tong kapir pagliwas. The bodies of the twins were joined together when they were born. (sem. domains: - Unusual birth.) 33.1vbt To reattach something (as in a torn-off tie, stitching that has come undone); to graft a piece from a tree onto another tree. Sugrunga kag natastas nak yadag. Reattach the sail which has come apart. Ingsugrong nida kag nautoy nak higot sa tolda. She reattached the torn-off tie to the tarpaulin. (sem. domains: 7.5.2 - Join, attach, - Growing trees.)

siksik₄ [síksik] v Firm, tightly packed texture; chubby flesh, muscles (as of contents in a container, the texture of cooking or one’s body). siksik Kag ida anak ay siksik kag mga yawas. His child has a chubby body.

samboy [sámboy] vbt To feel uncomfortable with the touch of somebody, something. Nagsasamboy kag ako kamison sa ako yawas. My chimese is touching my body and I feel uncomfortable with it.

pinilipi [pinilipí] n A kind of banana. lakatan Kayagwis kag yawas it pinilipi. The trunk of this kind of banana is this.

pigipit [pigípit] vt To insist. pilit Nagpigipit nak gador sidang maglarga aber kayain pa kag ida yawas. He still insisted to travel even he doesn’t feel well.

pangyawasnon [pangyawásnon] (der. of yawas) n Shape of one's body; one's build. (sem. domains: 8.3.1 - Shape, 2.1 - Body.)

okyi [okyî] v To close up, shrink especially of body parts (as of vagina). lumiit Pay maukyo kag ako yawas pagmagkaligos dahil abang yamig. It’s as if my body would shrink if I take a bath because its too cold.

minatay kag kabika it ida yawas [minatáy kag kabíka it ída yáwas] idiom - Convert to subentry Paralysed down one side of body. Tong si Deling ay inatake sa puso naging minatay kag kabika it ida yawas. When Deling had a heart attack she was paralyzed down one side of her body.

mga yawas [mga yáwas] (comp. of yawas) id Parts of the body (as of the parts of one person’s body). [lit: plural body] Pay kabug-at kuno kag ida mga yawas kada waya sida nakapali sa inro. She said she didn’t feel well so she didn’t come to your place. (sem. domains: 2.1 - Body.)

mga parti it yawas [mga párti it yáwas] (comp. of parti, yawas) exp Parts of the body. [lit: plural parts of body] (sem. domains: 2.1 - Body.)

mga 11.1part Pluralizer. mga Liwas baga kamo mga anak. Please go outside all you children. 22.1part Approximately; about that time, number. Kag amo miting ay mga ala una. Our meeting is at approximately one o’clock. 33.1part All parts of something. Kapilay kag ako mga yawas. All the parts of my body are tired.

malong [málong] n Muslim dress (as of cloth hanging from the shoulder). malong Kag malong it mga Muslim nak kabade ay ingpupulipot sa inra yawas. The dress of the Muslim women is wrapped around their body.

magamay [magamáy] adj Slim; lean. payat Kag ida asawa ay magamay it yawas. Her husband has a slim build.

lapat [lápat] adj Fitting, fits one’s body. Kaado it tabas kag ida baro nak lapat sa ida yawas. The cut of her dress is good because it fits her body.

kusog₁ [kúsog] 1adj Strong; healthy; well (as of physical strength of plants, animals and people). malusog Makusogey kag yawas nimo no? You’re feeling healthy now, aren’t you? (sem. domains: 2.5 - Healthy, 2.4.1 - Strong.) 2vi To become, regain strength, health, wellbeing (as of physical strength of plants, animals and people). Nagkusog kag ida yawas pag inom it bitamina. His body became strong when he took vitamin. (sem. domains: 2.5 - Healthy, - Better, 1.5.6 - Growth of plants, 2.4.1 - Strong.) 3n Roughness; turbulence (as of the ocean, weather). (sem. domains: - Calm, rough.) 4adj Rough; turbulent; bad (as of the ocean, weather). (sem. domains: - Calm, rough.) 5n Loudness (as of a sound). (sem. domains: - Loud.) 6adj Loud (as of a sound). (sem. domains: - Loud.) 7v To become, get louder; to increase the volume; to make louder (as of any sound). (sem. domains: - Loud.) 8adj Strong, powerful (as of an army, nation). (sem. domains: - Violent, 4.5 - Authority.) 9v To become stronger, more powerful (as of an army, nation). (sem. domains: - Violent, 4.5 - Authority.) der. kusog , der. pakusog

kuntra [kúntra] 1adj Against something; opposing; blocking; preventing; disagrees with one’s body; dislike something; antidote (as of personal preference or action, or the bad effects of medicine etc). kuntra Abang kuntrang gador ako sa ida yawas dahil buko angay sida magraya. I really dislike to look of his body because it doesn’t suit him to look like that. Abang kuntrang gador akong manugang ka. I am very much against your being my son-in-law. 2v To contradict; to go against somebody; to oppose somebody. Ingpakuntra nida tong paghuman it tulay sa baybay. He really was against making of bridge in the seashore. der. panguntra

katapok [katapók] adj 1Rotted, decaying timber. marupok Nahuyog sida sa hagranan dahil katapok yaki kato. He fell down the stairs because it had already rotted without our noticing. (sem. domains: - Wood, - Decay.) 2Weak, low resistance to illness. mahina ang resistensya Aya gipakapatun-og dahil katapok ka it yawas sabaling magkasakit ka ray. Don’t go out in the night air because your body has low resistance and you might get sick again. (sem. domains: 2.4.2 - Weak, 2.5.2 - Disease.)

kag isra ay indi marakop sa ibang parti it yawas k... [kag isrâ ay índì marakóp sa ibáng párti it yáwas k] id Fish are not caught by another part of it’s body except just by his own mouth (ie, a person is caught out by his own words). (sem. domains: - Take by force.)

hitok [hítok] adj 1With lots of sores on the skin or fur. payat Tong alagang oning ninra ay namatay dahil nagkainggwa it hitok sa tanang parte it yawas. Their cat died because it got lots of sores all over the body. (sem. domains: - Skin disease, 1.6 - Animal.) 2Skinny; thin; malnourished. payatot Kag ibang mga anak ay hitukon dahil buko masustansya kag inra gingkakaon. Some children are skinny because they don’t eat nutritious foods. (sem. domains: - Thin person, - Malnutrition, starvation.)

hilig it yawas [hílig it yáwas] n The lust or desire of the flesh. nasa ng laman (sem. domains: - Attract sexually, - Sexual immorality.)

hawog [hawóg] n Shape. kurti Abang ganda kag hawog it ida yawas. The shape of her body is very beautiful. (sem. domains: 2.1 - Body, 2.4.3 - Energetic, 2.4.1 - Strong.)
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