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yuaw [yuáw] vi To come out; become visible or exposed; to appear; to come out of a shell. labas Nagyuaw kag gamot it puno dahil nakarkaran it humbak. The roots of the tree become visible because they were eroded by the waves. Pagyuaw it mananakaw sa bayay, ingrakop sida it pulis. When the thief came out of the house he was caught by the police. syn: liwas 1. (sem. domains: 7.6 - Hide.)

liwas [liwás] 1loc Out; outside. labas Abuyaron nako kaling yamit sa liwas. I’ll hang these clothes to dry outside. syn: yuaw. 2vi To go outside. Nag-uyan katong nagpapangliwasey kag mga tawo sa simbahan. It started to rain just as the people went out of the church. 3vt To take or bring something outside. Ato ipaliwas kaling ingkuran. Let’s take these chairs outside. 4vt To let out (a meeting, school, etc); to dismiss. Nagpangliwasan nak raan kag mga klase dahil sa bagyo. Classes were dismissed immediately because of the typhoon. Ingpaliwas ni Mr. Fortu kag mga klase. Mr. Fortu dismissed classes. Niong oras gipapangliwas kag mga eskwela? What time are the students dismissed? Waya pa baga napangliwasan sa simbahan? Isn’t church out yet? 5n Dismissal time. Aya gipaliwasa kaling ako bisaya sa iba. Don’t let what I said out to others. Maskin nio kag natatabo, waya gador nida gipapaliwasan kag ida kahangit. No matter what happens, she never expresses her anger. Pagkapangutana sa ida it mga pulis, nagliwas nak sida kag nagpanakaw sa amo manok. After he was questioned by the police it came out that he was the one who stole our chicken. 6n To get rid of by spitting (expectorant) der. liniwasan , id. anak sa liwas

plumawo [plumáwo] adj Grey colour. kulay abo Pag maghalo ka it puti ag itom nak pintura kag mayuaw ay plumawo nak pintura. If you mix white and black paint the outcome would be grey paint.

pokpok [pókpok] vt To beat; to pound an object with something. pokpok Ingpokpok nako’t bato kag nagyuyuaw nak lansang. I pounded the nail that was sticking out with a rock. Inapokpok it manogbunak kag yamit para mabay-an it buling. The washlady beats the clothes to remove the dirt. Ipangpokpok nako it lansang kaling bato dahil waya ako’t martilyo. I’ll use this rock to pound the nail because I don’t have a hammer. der. pamokpok

sakro [sákro] 1sta To brush against something; to jostle; to knock over by jostling or bumping against; to trip by catching ones foot on something; stumble; stub one’s foot/toe. patíd Nasakro kag ako damot sa sig-ang ag napaso. My hand brushed against the cooking stones and was burned. syn: sangko 1, tapi 1, sangko 2, saplir, tapi 2. 2vi Nagsakro sida sa ugat it kahoy nak nagyuyuaw. She tripped on the root of the tree that was protruding. 3vt To intensionally bump or jostle somebody/something. Tong ingsakro ako nida, nabuhian kag itlog. When she bumped me, the eggs dropped.