agila [agilá] n Bird species; eagle, hawk. ágilá (sem. domains: - Bird.)

apon [ápon] vbt To alight, perch, roost somewhere (as of a bird on the branch of a tree). dapo Nag-apon sa kuyungan kag pispis. The bird alighted on the roof. syn: huyon 1, huyon 3. (sem. domains: - Animal movement, - Bird.) der. apunan

bato-bato [bato-bató] (der. of bato) n Turtle dove (as of a small grey dove). kalapati Kag ingbuhian ni Noe pagkatapos it gunaw ay usang bato-bato. The one which Noe let go after the great flood was a turtle dove. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

bibi₂ [bíbi] n Bird species; Peking duck. bibi Kag bíbi ay waka magpanaw. The duck wobbles when walking. (sem. domains: - Bird, - Chicken.)

bukaw [búkaw] n 1Owl. (sem. domains: - Bird.) 2Term for someone with bulging, owl-like eyes (as of an insulting term. The insulted person will call back a similar insult pakî "lame"). Pay bukaw it mata si Rey dahil abang rako ka ida mata. Rey has owl-like eyes because her eyes are very big. (sem. domains: - Eye.)

buyusok [buyúsok] v To swoop, dive down (as of birds or airplanes). bulusok Limang eroplanong Amerikano ka bumutawan sa itaas ag bumuyusok pa ibaba sa Amponggo. Five American planes suddenly appeared above and swooped down low over Mt. Amponggo. (sem. domains: - Animal movement, - Fly, - Bird.) der. pagbuyusok

dakit [dakít] n Bird species; wild duck species. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

duyo [dúyò] 1n Avian disease suffered by poultry and other birds (as of when they have a feverish cold that weakens and kills them, so that they will fall off a branch). sakit Nagkasakit it duyo kag amo mga manok. Our chickens had a sickness. (sem. domains: - Bird, - Animal diseases, 6.3.6 - Poultry raising.) 2v To get avian disease, flu (as of all birds including poultry). (sem. domains: - Bird, - Animal diseases, 6.3.6 - Poultry raising.)

gansa [gánsa] n Goose. gansa Marali nako makilaya kag gansa dahil sa ida mahaba nak liog. We can easily identify a goose because of its long neck. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

guyang [gúyang] 1adj Old, mature and of reproductive age or older (as of a plant, animal or person). (sem. domains: - Old person, - Old, not young.) 2v To grow old, mature (as of a plant, animal or person of reproductive age or older). (sem. domains: - Old person, - Old, not young.) 3n Mature female bird (as of the general term e.g. hen). (sem. domains: 1.6.7 - Male and female animals, - Bird.) 4n Mature female of certain animals (as of the general term e.g. female dog: bitch, female pig: sow, female buffalo: cow). (sem. domains: - Dog, 1.6.7 - Male and female animals, 1.6 - Animal, - Pig.) 5n Mature female insect in a hive etc. (as of the general term e.g. queen of bees, ants). (sem. domains: 1.6.7 - Male and female animals, - Insect.) der. kaguyangan , der. maguyang , der. maguyang

himbis [hímbis] 1n Scales of fish; skin on the legs of poultry. (sem. domains: - Bird, - Fish.) 2vbt To scale a fish. kaliskís Inghimbisan nida kag isra. He scaled the fish. (sem. domains: - Remove shell, skin.)

ikog [íkog] 1n Tail, either of an animal as of the long curved tail feather of a rooster, or of an object such as a kite. buntót (sem. domains: - Fly, - Bird.) 2vt To follow somebody closely; to follow at one’s heels. Nag-ikog kag anak sa nanay tong nag-uli pa-banwa. The child followed at her mother’ heels when she came down to town. (sem. domains: - Follow.) comp. ikog it pagi

intyamis [íntyamis] n Bird species; Sunbird is tiny with slender curved beak. Male has black bib, female has lemon breast. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

isiw nak pato [isíw nak páto] n Duckling. sísiw ng ítik (sem. domains: - Bird.)

isiw nak salumpati [isíw nak salumpáti] n Young pigeon. pitsón (sem. domains: - Bird.)

kalaw [kaláw] (irreg. infl. kalaw-kalaw) n Hornbill bird; woodpecker. kaláw Kaganda mag-alaga it kalaw sa bayay. It’s nice to keep a hornbill at home. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

kampay [kampáy] v Beat, flap of wings. kampay Kag maintik nak pispis ay mahinay magyupar dahil indi makakampay it maado. The small birds can’t fly high because they can’t flap their wings well. (sem. domains: - Bird, - Parts of a bird.)

kapa-kapa [kapá-kapá] vi To flap (specifically of chicken wings). Pagkarakop it inra manok, kali ay nagkapa-kapa ag kada narunggan nida. When their chicken was caught it flapped its wings and that’s why she heard it. (sem. domains: - Animal movement, - Bird.)

kidaw [kídaw] n A small, yellow bird. kilyaw Abang tabaey tong amo alagang kidaw sa bayay. Our small yellow bird at home is very fat. (sem. domains: - Small animals, - Bird.)

kilyaw₂ [kílyaw] n Bird with a bright yellow body and black wings. kilyaw (sem. domains: - Bird.)

kukok [kúkok] n Huge black bird (which is a death omen if it calls at midday, since it normally calls in the evening). Waya sida natuyugi tong gab-i dahil naghinuni kag kukok. She wasn’t able to sleep last night because the huge black death omen bird was calling. (sem. domains: - Bird, - Black.)

kulyaw₁ [kulyáw] (irreg. infl. kilyaw) n Oriole birds. kilyaw Apilay kag mga kulyaw sa Calatrava. You seldom see orioles in Calatrava now. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

kulyaw₂ [kúlyaw] n Bird species; Oriole. kilyaw (sem. domains: - Bird.)

mada [máda] n Bird species; Chestnut mannikin, rice bird; sparrow; woodpecker. batúktok Lonchura malacca. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

pabo [pábo] n Turkey. pabo Kami ay karamong alaga nak pabo. We keep many turkeys. (sem. domains: - Bird, - Chicken.)

pagbuyusok [pagbuyúsok] (der. of buyusok) n/ger Swooping, diving down (as of birds or airplanes). (sem. domains: - Animal movement, - Fly, - Bird.)

pilago [pilagô] n Bird species; with brown, black markings and about 13cm long. YELLOW BREASTED ?? (sem. domains: - Bird.)

pispis [píspis] n Bird (as of the general term for all birds). íbon (sem. domains: - Bird.)

pugar [púgar] (irreg. infl. pugaran) n 1Nest of a bird or insects such as wasps which build nests out of leaves in trees. pugad (sem. domains: 1.6.5 - Animal home, - Bird, 6.3.6 - Poultry raising.) 2Nest, den of thieves or prostitutes. (sem. domains: - Bad, immoral, - Types of houses.) comp. pugar it mga mababa kag yupar

puyok₁ [puyók] vt To fight (especially of chickens), jump at each other as of fighting cocks. nag-aaway Nagpupuyukan kag mga tubor sa rayaag. The cocks are fighting in the yard. (sem. domains: - Gambling, - Bird.)

sada-sada [sada-sadá] (dial. var. baliusasadaw) (der. of sada) n Bird species; fantail, black with white markings (as of a bird that dances with it's tail spread). (sem. domains: - Bird.)

suyog₂ [suyóg] n Bantam rooster (as of one beginning to mate). (sem. domains: - Bird.)

syakat₁ [syakát] 1v To visit a nest before laying eggs. (sem. domains: - Bird, - Egg.) 2vbt To keep visiting a nest before laying eggs; to look for a nest to lay eggs in specifically of chickens. liliman Ingsyakatan it manok namo tong bag-ong pugaran. Our hen kept visiting the new nest. (sem. domains: - Bird, - Egg.)

tahor₂ [tahór] n The spur on a rooster’s leg. tarik (sem. domains: - Bird, - Parts of a bird.)

tikling [tíkling] n Bird with long neck, and long legs, white and sets on carabao (sem. domains: - Bird.)

togtog₁ [tógtog] n Bird species; a small white wading bird with long neck and long legs and sits on water buffalo. It flies in V shaped flocks (meaning is it's proud when on top of carabao). PROBABLY AN EGRET. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

toktok₃ [tóktok] vt To peck at, eat grains, as of chickens. toktok Sige kag tuktok it manok sa payay. The chicken kept pecking at the rice. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

tuka₁ [tukâ] 1n Beak of a bird. tuka (sem. domains: - Bird.) 2v To peck, eat grain, especially of a bird. (sem. domains: - Bird.) say. usang kahig usang tuka

ukuban [ukúban] v To cover chickens with one’s wings. Kag manok ay inukuban kag mga isiw kung inggwa it nagsusuor nak agila. The hen covers her chickens with one’s wings when there’s eagle approaching. (sem. domains: 1.6.5 - Animal home, - Bird.)