alpas [álpas] v To free oneself, break free; to break away and run; to escape (as from a restraining tie, hold). alpasan, takas Kag usang priso ay nakaalpas sa ida gapos sa kadina ag sida ay nakatakas. One prisoner broke free from the chains that bound him and he escaped. (sem. domains: - Move away.)

bakwit [bákwit] v To evacuate, leave with one's belongings (as of when having to leave one's home and take one's belongings e.g. after a break in a marriage or flood disaster etc.). hakutin syn: panangop. (sem. domains: - Move away.) der. pabakwit

gikan [gíkan] vbt To come from somewhere. galing Riin ara naggikan kinang mga bisita ni Alma. From where did those visitors of Alma come from. (sem. domains: - Leave, - Move away, - Come, - Arrive.)

halin₂ [halín] 1loc Coming, going from somewhere. (sem. domains: - Leave, - Away from, - Move away, 9.2.4 - Prepositions, postpositions.) 2vbt To leave, come or go from somewhere. umalís Inra inghalinan katong bayay nak inra ingpiplitehan. They left the house that they’re renting. Naghalin sida it aga pa. She left very early. (sem. domains: - Abandon, - Compel, - Divorce.) comp. halin riin? , comp. waya gihahalin ka ida pagbisaya , der. halinan , der. inghalinan , der. pahalin , id. waya gihahalin

halin riin? [halín ri-ín?] (comp. of halin, riin) ques Where from? saan galing Halin riin kag mga mansanas nak kali? Where are these apples from? (sem. domains: - Move away, - Come.)

layas₁ [láyas] 1vi To run away; escape. Naglayas kag amo mga uning. Our cats ran away. (sem. domains: - Move away.) 2vt To drive out a person, animal; to cast out evil spirits; drive away evil spirits. layas Apalayason kono kag mga NPA sa banwa nak kato. They say they the NPA will be driven out of that town. Kag albularyo ay maayo magpalayas sa nadedemonyo nak tawo. The witch doctor knows how to drive away evil spirits in persons possessed by demons. (sem. domains: - Leave, - Go, - Move away.) comp. binirahan it layas

makapyosey [makapyoséy] adj I'm going to leave, get out of a vehicle now. (sem. domains: - Move away.)

malikwarey [malíkwarey] adj I'm going to leave, get out of a vehicle now. (sem. domains: - Move away.)

paalimpuwas [pa-alimpúwas] (der. of alimpuwas) v To make somebody leave, get out or away from somewhere (as of from trouble, danger or flood etc.). (sem. domains: - Move away.)

pabada [pabádà] (der. of bada) v 1To be made to abandon, desert somebody or something (as of abandoning a house due to continuous sickness, in an attempt to find good health by moving to another place). napabayaan Napabadaan ni Rex kag ida bayay pagpagto nida sa ibang lugar. Rex desserted his house when he went abroad. (sem. domains: - Move away, - Abandon.) 2To neglect, ignore, abandon, pay no attention to somebody or something (as of a parent not caring for children or a husband not supporting his wife and children). (sem. domains: - Attention, - Forget.)

pabakwit [pabákwit] (der. of bakwit) v To make somebody evacuate, leave with their belongings (as of when being sent from one's home with one's belongings e.g. after a break in a marriage or flood disaster etc.). (sem. domains: - Move away.)

pangalimpuwas [pang-alimpuwás] (der. of alimpuwas) v To get out, away from somewhere; to leave a place or escape a situation (as of trouble or flood). (sem. domains: - Move away.)