amak [ámak] vbt To use as kindling to light a fire (as of paper, coconut husks or small pieces of wood). pandikit ng apoy Nagbutang sida it mga rabók sa abuhan bag-o magpaamak it papel ag isuyong sa mga rabók. She put the firewood on the cooking fireplace before she lit the paper and put it among the firewood. Kag ida ing-amak paghaling it kayado ay mga sinipilyuhan. What she lights for kindling when making a fire is wood shavings. Nag-amak ako it dyaryo sa kalan. I used newspaper to light the charcoal stove. Aamakan nako it dyaryo kag ako haling. I will light the fire I’ve built with newspaper. (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire.) der. paamak , der. pangamak

apot [ápot] vbt To catch on fire, catch alight, smolder, burst into flame (as of something catching on a fire from windblown sparks). dikitan ng apoy Inapaaput anay kag uling bag-o magsúgnar. Make sure the charcoal has caught on fire first before putting things on the stove to cook. Kung kag alipayok ay natugpa sa kuyungan naaapútan kali ay narukot. If flying sparks land on the roof it will catch on fire and it will burn. Paapúta kag kayado. Light the fire. Nag-aaput pa kag papel kada nasunog ka inra sayog. The paper was still smouldering so their floor was burnt. (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire.) der. paapot

asugi [asúgi] n 1Head of a match; matchhead. asugi Pagbasa kag asugi it posporo, pagsantik nimo ay indi girukot. When the heads of the matches are wet, when you strike them they don’t light. (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire.) 2Phosphorous (as on a matchhead). Kadali magduta kag niyagang karne kung abutangan it posporo nak di asugi. The tough meat easily softens when you put matchhead phosphorous in the broth. (sem. domains: 1.2.2 - Substance, matter.)

gotgot₁ [gótgot] n Fire-lighting sticks (two slats of bamboo). Kaling gutgot ay ruhang kuwadan nak inakiskis sa usa ag usa. These fire-lighting sticks are two pieces of bamboo which are rubbed one on the other. (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, 5.5.1 - Light a fire, - Oil, 5.5.5 - What fires produce, 5.5 - Fire.)

haling [háling] vbt 1To ask, get fire from somebody. Mahaling ako sa ako kayungot it kayado. I will ask for some fire from my neighbour. Ahalingon nako kag mga baga ninra. FT Eng I will ask for some of their coals. syn: ayaw. (sem. domains: 5.5 - Fire.) 2To arrange kindling, firewood; kindle a fire (as of placing the fuel in position and lighting it, or rebuilding a fire that has died down). parikit ng apoy Pagkaugraw it rabok naghaling ray sida liwat. When the fire died down she made it up again. Inghaling nida kag uling sa kalan. She made the fire of charcoal in the charcoal stove. (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire.) der. halingan

iwag [iwág] 1n Small lamp (any kind including electric). (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire, 5.1.2 - Household decoration, 5.1 - Household equipment.) 2vi To shine, as of a lamp or light bulb. ilawan (sem. domains: 8.3.3 - Light, - Shine.)

kandelaryo [kandeláryo ] n Candlestick; candelabra; candle holder. (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire, 5.5.7 - Fireplace, - Shine.)

kayado₂ [kayádo] v Burst of fire. apoy Tong sunog ay pay bulkang nagkakayado. That fire is like a burst of fire from a volcano. (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire, 5.5.4 - Burn, 5.5 - Fire.)

kayado₃ [kayádo] n 1Fire; flame. apoy dg BF 7-85 Asuyungan kag kayado it rabok hanggang makayuto. Firewood will be put in the fire until food can be cooked. Waya nida napayong kag kayado. She wasn’t able to put out the fire. (sem. domains: - Light source, 8.3.4 - Hot, 5.5 - Fire.) 2Flame. Nagrayab nak nagrayab kag kayado sa abuhan. The flame on the fire place for cooking became bigger and bigger. (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire, 5.5.7 - Fireplace, 5.5 - Fire.)

kingki₁ n Lamp with a wick and glass; lantern. lampara (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire, 5.1 - Household equipment, - Transparent.)

paamak [pa-ámak] (der. of amak) v To use something as kindling to light a fire (as of paper, coconut husks or small pieces of wood). (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire.)

paapot [pa-ápot] (der. of apot) v To make something catch fire, burst into flame (as of lighting a fire). (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire.)

panuga [panugâ] (der. of suga) v To light a fire. (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire.)

parukot [parukót] (der. of rukot) v To let , cause to burn, as of paper, cooking. (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire, 5.5.5 - What fires produce.)

suga₁ [sugâ] 1n Fire, as of cooking fire. siga Pagkalipas it ruhang oras nag-ugraw kag sugâ kadâ bukoey mainit. After two hours the fire has died down so it’s no longer hot. (sem. domains: 5.5 - Fire.) 2v To light initially something that burns (lamp, rubbish, candle, fire, paper, firewood). Nagsuga sida it iwag. She lit the lamp. (sem. domains: 5.5.4 - Burn.) 3n Flame, as of a lamp. Nagrako kag suga it iwag. The flame of the lamp got bigger. (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire.) der. panuga

sunog₁ [súnog] 1adj Combustible. (sem. domains: 5.5.6 - Fuel.) 2sta To burn, burn down. sunog Nasunog kag inra bayay it gab-i. Their house burned last night (sem. domains: 5.5.4 - Burn.) 3vt To burn something or set fire to something. Ingsunog kag eskwelahan it mga binatilyo. The school was set on fire by the teenage boys. (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire, 5.5.4 - Burn.)

suyô [suyô] 1vbt To use, put a torch somewhere to give light. Nagsuyo ako sa rayan patukar. I used a torch to light the way uphill. Asuyu-an namo kag likor nak rayaag. I will put a torch in the backyard to give light. Asuyuon it mga kayaki kag mga rayaga nak mapagto sa pabaylihan. The men will use a torch to give the young women light when they take them to the dance. (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire.) 2vt To make something into a torch. Nagbaoy sida it kwadan nak asuyuon. He got bamboo to make into a torch. (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire.) 3n Torch; flare (as of something burning which is carried to light one’s way). sulo Naghuman sinra it suyî nak (paywa it nidog) para ipangpanuyî. They made a torch of coconut leaves for gathering seashells. [The most common kind of torch is a bayabág, made of dried coconut leaves.] (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire, 5.5.5 - What fires produce.) 4vi To go fishing for octopus/shellfish/crabs at low tide at night time with a torch or lantern. sulo Nagpanuyo sinra it gab-i. They went fishing for octopus at low tide last night. (sem. domains: 6.4.5 - Fishing, - Fishing equipment.) der. panuyo