bado-bado [bado-bádo] 1n Palpitations, fast beating of the heart which are a symptom of a health problem or fear etc.. (sem. domains: - Heart.) 2v To beat hard and fast, palpitate (as of one's heart). [This is a symptom of fear, being out of breath or having a heart problem etc.. It is when a person can feel their own heart beating within their chest.] (sem. domains: - Heart.)

griyego [Griyégo] (dial. var. grigo) adj Greek. Kag mga Griyego ay mga kainisog nak tawo. The Greeks are brave men. (sem. domains: - Inherit, - Heart, - Related by birth, 2.2.5 - Bleed, blood, 4.1.9 - Kinship.)

kaba kag rughan [kabá kag rúghan] idiom - Convert to subentry Heart beats fast when in love. kaba nang dibdib Indi kabisaya si Ronnel sa ida gingpapangrayaga dahil di kaba kag rughan nida. Ronnel can’t speak to the girl he’s courting because his heart beats so fast. (sem. domains: - Heart.)

kasamot [kasamót] adj Fast. mabilis Kasamot kag ida hingab tong mayungotey mamatay. His breath was very fast when he was about to die. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, - Heart, - Quick, 8.4.8 - Speed.)

korason [korason] n Heart. (sem. domains: - Heart.)

pitik₃ [pitík] 11.1n The beat of one’s heart; heartbeat. pintig ng puso (sem. domains: - Heart.) 1.2v To beat specifically of the heart. Nagpakatulin kag pitik it ida puso tong magtulaytay sida sa mahaba ag makitir nak tulay. The beats of her heart became very past when she walked on a long narrow bridge. (sem. domains: - Heart.) 2to beat 2.1v To burst, break (as of a blood vessel, rope, thread). patid Nagpitik kag burdon it ida yadag kada karugay sinra makatakas. The string of his boats’ sail broke that’s why it took them a long time to reach shore. (sem. domains: - Heart, 6.6.1 - Working with cloth.) 3pain 3.1v To have recurring pain (said to be air in the veins of the spleen area which moves up through the chest). Tong nagpinamug-aton sida’t mga raya, nagpitik ray liwat ka ida panina. When she’d been lifting heavy things, the pain in her side recurred. (sem. domains: - Pain.)

pitik-pitik [pitik-pitík] n The beating of the heart. (sem. domains: - Heart.)

pulso [púlso] 11.1n Pulse point on inner wrist. 1.2v To take one’s pulse. pulso Ingpulsuhan it doktor tong naghihingayoey nak pasyente. The doctor took the pulse of the dying patient. (sem. domains: - Heart.) 22.1v To diagnose sickness, fractures, curses by feeling the pulse. galánggalangán Gingpulsuhan si May ni Nang Puting kung nakilkig. Auntie Puting took May’s pulse to see if she had been poisoned. Si Nang Trining ay manog-pulso dahil sida ay maayam gigpulso kung kag tawo ay di sakit o waya. Aunty Trining is a one who diagnoses by taking one’s pulse because she knows by taking the pulse whether a person is sick or not. (sem. domains: - Curse.) der. manog-pulso

puso₂ [púsò] n 1Heart (as of animals and people). púsò syn: tagipusuon. (sem. domains: - Heart.) 2Banana flower. (sem. domains: - Growing bananas, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) 3Shell species; Heart Cockle. [p 145] Corculum cardissa Linne (Abbott). (sem. domains: - Small animals.) comp. puso it batag , der. tagipusuon , id. matanrog kag puso , id. matugas it puso

tanrog [tánrog] 1adj To touch, pierce one's heart by what is said. (sem. domains: - Heart, 4.3.3 - Love.) 1.1vt To touch something lightly; to bump; to jostle. Ingtanrog ni Anthony tong bag-ong tanom nak buyak kitang namatay. Anthony touched the newly planted flower so it withered. Natanrog nida kag ako ugar kada nagrugo. She touched my wound so it bleed. (sem. domains: 4.3.3 - Love.) 22.1adj To be moved by something; to feel touched regarding something (as of ones feelings responding to good or bad things). Natanrog kag ako puso pagkakita ruto sa naghihingayo nak anak. My heart was touched when I saw the dying child. (sem. domains: 7.3 - Move something.)