balingag it isip [balingág it ísip] (comp. of balingag, isip) id Bad thoughts. [lit: badly-done head] (sem. domains: - Bad, 3.2 - Think.)

balingag it uyo [balingág it úyo] (comp. of balingag, uyo) id 1Stubborn; arrogant; hard headed. [lit: badly-done head] matigás ang ulo Kag ida anak ay balingag it uyo. His child is a stubborn one. (sem. domains: - Stubborn.) 2Twisted mind (as of giving impolite, inappropriate comments). [lit: badly-done head] (sem. domains: - Bad, 3.2 - Think.)

bangor₁ [bangór] 1n Reason. dahilan Ni-o kag imo bangor asing malarga ikaw pa Manila. What is your reason for leaving for Manila. (sem. domains: 3.2 - Think, - Reason.) 2conj Because. syn: komo, bangor nak, dahil, tungor 1, imaw ngani, ay sa, kumo. (sem. domains: - Clause conjunctions, - Reason.) comp. bangor nak , der. bangranan

basi₂ [bási] v To base one's words, life on something. (sem. domains: - Basic, 4.3 - Behavior, 3.5 - Communication, 3.2 - Think.) comp. basi sa

basi sa [bási sa] (comp. of basi) rel Based on (as of the source of one's teaching or ideas). ayon Basi sa istorya it mga maguyang tong unang panahon ay ingkakaon kuno it aswang kag buyan kung di iklipse. Based on the stories of old folks during those days the moon is eaten by a witch when there is an eclipse. (sem. domains: - Basic, 3.5 - Communication, 3.2 - Think, - First.) der. basihan

basihan [basihán] (der. of basi sa) 1adj Basic (as of the primary, simplest level of thought or organization). (sem. domains: - Basic, 3.5 - Communication, 3.2 - Think, - First.) 2n Basis (as of the source of one's teaching or ideas). (sem. domains: - Basic, 3.5 - Communication, 3.2 - Think, - First.) comp. basihang libro

di suyor kag uyo [di suyor kag uyo] (comp. of di, suyor, uyo) id You have a brain, so use it!; use your commonsense! [lit: have contents head] (sem. domains: 3.2 - Think.)

ha [ha] part Sf 1Please answer me; please do that for me (as of social importunity or coaxing [sentence final]). Hinaey ka, ha. You just wait there please. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles, 3.2 - Think.) 2We’ll see about that! (as of contradiction [sentence final]). ha Maayam ka, ha. We’ll see just what you know! (sem. domains: - Possible, 9.2.6 - Particles.) 3Really! (as of reassurance [sentence final]) ha Manunot ako pa Boracay ha! I will go with you to Boracay really! (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles, - Worried.)

hadag [hádag] 1n Light (as of the general term). (sem. domains: 8.3.3 - Light.) 2adj Bright, clear (as of the quality of light). (sem. domains: 8.3.3 - Light.) 3v To shine; to become bright, brighter (as of the light of a lantern). (sem. domains: - Shine.) 4adj Good, clear (as of one's vision and eyesight). maliwánag (sem. domains: 2.3.1 - See.) 5v To have one's eyes brighten up (as of when seeing something one likes such as food, a good looking woman, one's grandchildren). (sem. domains: - Surprise.) 6adj Clear, peaceful, untroubled (as of one's thinking). (sem. domains: 3.2 - Think.) 7v To become clear, enlightened, peaceful, and untroubled (as in one's thinking). (sem. domains: 3.4.1 - Feel good, 3.2 - Think.) 8adj Clear (as of speech). (sem. domains: 3.5.1 - Say.) 9v To become clear (as of one's speech or explanation). (sem. domains: 3.5.1 - Say.) comp. buko masyadong mahadag , comp. hadag it buyan , der. kahadagan , der. pahadag

haka-haka [haka-hákà] n Opinion; belief, expectation of something which seems incredible. pala-palagay Ka haka-haka it mga tawo ay sabakey sida tong inakasay. The people’s opinion was that she was already pregnant when they were wed. (sem. domains: - Known, unknown, 3.2.5 - Opinion, 3.2 - Think.)

halin sa ida isip [halín sa ída ísip] id From an idea. galing sa kanyang isip Kinang inra riyunyon ay halin sa ida isip para magkinilay-an kag mga maghali. Their reunion came from her idea so that they could get acquainted with their relatives. (sem. domains: - Think so, - Instinct, 3.2.1 - Mind, 3.2 - Think.)

hantop [hántop] 1n Realization. syn: toytoy 2.1. (sem. domains: - Solve, - Realize.) 2vt To think; to realize; to comprehend; to ponder; to understand. Ahantupon anay nimo it maado kag imo plano bag-o ahumanon. You have to think your plan through well before doing it. (sem. domains: 3.2 - Think, - Realize.) 3vbt To come to realize. naunawaan Nahantupaney baga nimo kag imo inghuman. Have you come to realize the thing that you did? Nahantupan baga nimo kag ako pagtudlo? Do you comprehend what I’m teaching? Ida inghantop it marayom kag tugra’t nanay. He pondered deeply the words of his mother. (sem. domains: 3.2.4 - Understand, - Realize.)

hitihot [hitíhot] 1n A disturbance to one’s thoughts. istorbo Ingga it usang bagay nak perming hitihot sa amo panamram ag paino-ino. There is one thing that is always a disturbance to our feelings and thoughts. (sem. domains: - Notice, - Ignore, 3.2 - Think.) 2vbt To disturb one’s thoughts; to have a troubled mind; to keep thinking about a problem. istorbo Tong nawagit ninra nak baka it imaw kag pirming hitihot sa ida isip. Their lost cow often disturbs his thoughts. (sem. domains: 2.5.8 - Mental illness, - Worried, - Upset.)

idiya [idíya] n Idea. idiya (sem. domains: - Willing to learn, 3.2 - Think.)

isip [ísip] 1vbt To think; to think something up. isip Aisipan ka nako it imo tabas. I will think of a design for you. (sem. domains: 3.2.1 - Mind, 3.2 - Think.) 2vi To think; to worry. Waya sida nag-iisip it ida problema. She doesn’t think of her problems. (sem. domains: - Worried, 3.2 - Think.) 3vt To be aware of something. Waya nako naiisip nak imaw kali kag problema. I am not aware that this is the problem. (sem. domains: - Worried, - Alert.) comp. balingag it isip , comp. ibutang sa isip , comp. mayain it isip , comp. nabaoy ka isip , comp. paandara kag isip , comp. pabilin sa isip , comp. tanom sa isip , der. ging-isipan , der. palaisip , id. iyain it isip , id. magulo kag isip , id. makitir it isip/mababaw it isip , id. marayom it isip , id. maruyom it pag-iisip , id. matawhay kag isip , id. nagrayan sa isip/nagligar sa isip , id. pagulpi-gulpi it isip , id. puno-puni ka isip , id. waya it pag-iisip , id. waya lugar sa isip , id. yupar sa isip , say. namatay kag isip

iskuray [ískuray] part I wrongly thought something. akala Iskuray nako ay ikaw ay ida anak pero magmanghor yaki kamo. Oh I wrongly thought you were her child but you’re sisters. syn: isip nako ay, kabi. (sem. domains: - Think about, - Instinct, 3.2.1 - Mind, 3.2 - Think.)

kahadagan [kahadágan] (der. of hadag) n 1Light; brightness; shining (as of light). (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.) 2Enlightenment; understanding; comprehension (as of one's thinking). (sem. domains: 3.2 - Think.) 3Enlightenment; revelation (as of psychological or spiritual). (sem. domains: - Christianity, 3.1.2 - Mental state.)

kamal-an [kamál-an] v To mistakenly think something. kamalan Ako napagkamalan sida nak si Nene. I mistakenly thought she was Girlie. (sem. domains: - Disbelief, - Disagree, - Think about, 3.2 - Think.)

kasakit₁ [kasákit] 1v To get a sore head thinking about something. Nagkakasakit ka ak uyo it isip kung pauno makatapos it pageskwela kag mga anak. I have a sore head from thinking about how my children can finish college. (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head, 3.2 - Think.) 2v To be hurt; to have hurt feelings. Ingkakasakit it ako kabubut-on nak magpagto ka sa ibang lugar. My feelings will be hurt if you go abroad. (sem. domains: - Pain.) 3adj Hurt, of feelings. masakit Kasakit sa ako buot nak maglarga ka. It would hurt my feelings if you left us. (sem. domains: 3.1 - Soul, spirit, - Pain.)

paandar [pa-ándar] (der. of andar) v 1To have to start a motor, engine. (sem. domains: - Beginning, 7.2.4 - Travel.) 2To have to think, stir up one's mind. (sem. domains: - Beginning, 3.2 - Think.) comp. paandara kag isip

paandara kag isip [pa-andará kag ísip] (comp. of paandar, isip) id To turn one’s brain on; to get one’s mind working; to use one's brains; to have to think. gamitin ang isip Ayaey baga gipangutana basta paandara yang kag imo isip kung pauno maggamit it diksyunaryo. Don’t ask question you just turn your brain on to how to use the dictionary. (sem. domains: - Beginning, 3.2 - Think.)

pangam-am [pangám-am] v To talk to oneself; to go over and over in one’s mind (as in almost a daydream); to talk in one’s sleep. bangungot Nagpapangam-am sida kung katuyog. She’s talking to herself when sleeping. (sem. domains: 5.7 - Sleep, 3.2 - Think.)

ruyom [ruyóm] 1n The dark. (sem. domains: - Dark.) 2adj Dark, dim (as of the lack of light, visibility or bad eyesight). Mapauli kuno sida nak maruyomey. She said she will go home because it’s already dark. Maruyom kag ida pagmuyat. His vision is dim. (sem. domains: 1.1 - Sky, - Dark.) 3vi To become, get dark. madilím Nagruyom kag kwarto pagpatay it iwag. The room became dark when the lights were turned off. (sem. domains: 1.1 - Sky, - Dark.) 4adj Dark (as of negative, bad thoughts). Maruyom kag pag-iisip it mga tawo nak waya gipapati sa Dios. The minds of people who don’t believe in God are dark. (sem. domains: - Bad, 3.2 - Think.) 5v To look at somebody angrily, darkly (as of one's color, expression when angry). (sem. domains: - Angry, - Black.) der. karuymanan , der. maruyom , der. paruyom , id. karuyom sa tawo