busero [buséro] (der. of buso) n Deep sea diver (as of for coral, pearls, marine life etc.). Kag ida buhok ay abang puya’y dahil sa ida pagiging busiro. Her hair is really red because it’s been lightened by the sea and sun. (sem. domains: - Dive.)

buso [búso] v To dive into deep water (as of deep sea diving for shells, marine life, pearls etc.). (sem. domains: - Dive.) der. busero

manug-unos [manug-unós] (der. of unos) n Diver; deep-sea diver; a person who dives into deep water, ocean (as of for coral, pearls, marine animals etc.). (sem. domains: - Dive.)

tibusok [tibúsok] v To dive straight to the bottom of water when swimming. (sem. domains: - Dive.)

unos [únos] vt To dive to retrieve something. sisid Aunuson nato tung nahuyog nak tabla. We’ll dive for the wood that fell on the water. (sem. domains: - Dive.) der. manug-unos

yapda [yapdâ] v Bellyflop type of dive into water (sem. domains: - Dive.)