gerilya [gerlya] n Guerilla fighter, soldier. Kag Lolo nida ay naging gerilya tong tyempo hapon. Her grandfather was once a guerilla during Japanese times. (sem. domains: - Enemy.)

kahangit [kahángit] (fr. var. mahangit) (der. of hangit) n 1Long felt grudge, hatred, anger, bitterness towards somebody. kagalit Karako kag ida kahangit sa ida maestra dahil ingkunit sida. He’s got much bitterness towards his teacher because she pinched him. (sem. domains: - Angry, - Hate, ill will.) 2Enemy; antagonist; somebody with whom one has a feud, anger, hatred. Indi ako magpagto sa ida hanraan dahil kahangit nako kag ida manghor. I won’t attend their party because her sister is my enemy. (sem. domains: - Enemy, - Do evil to.)

kalaban [kalában] 1n Opponent. (sem. domains: - Sports, 4.8.2 - Fight, - Enemy.) 2vt To oppose, compete against in a fight or contest. kalaban Akalabanon nako sida sa eleksyon. I’ll oppose him in the election. (sem. domains: 4.8.2 - Fight, - Oppose, - Enemy.)