hatol [hátol] 1n Sentence; judgment. (sem. domains: - Condemn, find guilty.) 2vbt To pronounce sentence on somebody; to sit in judgement. hatol Kag naghatol sa ida ay tong bag-ong Husgado. The one who pronounced the sentence on him was the new Judge. Nahatolan sida it limang tuig nak pagkapriso. He was sentenced with five years imprisonment. (sem. domains: - Condemn, find guilty.)

kulpa [kúlpa] vi To be held culpable for something. mananagot Indi sinra makulpahan sa amo abrido nak suyat. They won’t be held responsible for our opened letters. (sem. domains: - Condemn, find guilty, - Fault.)

kunbiktado [kumbiktádo] (der. of kumbiktar) adj Convicted. (sem. domains: - Condemn, find guilty.)

kundina [kundiná] 1adj Condemned. (sem. domains: - Condemn, find guilty.) 2vt To condemn (as in legal or non-legal situations). hatulan, husgahan Aya anay gikundina sida kung waya ka’t katibayan it ida nahoman. Don’t condemn him if you don’t have the proof of his wrong doing. (sem. domains: - Condemn, find guilty.)

paghusga [paghúsga] (der. of husga) n/ger Judgment, judging, making a judgment (as of a legal or non-legal action). (sem. domains: - Condemn, find guilty, - Fault, - Criticize, 4.7.6 - Judge, render a verdict.)