huma [humâ] vi To moo (as of a cow). atungal Naghuhuma kag baka it abang kusog. The cow is mooing very loudly. (sem. domains: - Cattle, - Animal sounds.)

kabakahan [kabakáhan] n Cattle; possession of cattle; cattle business. bakahan (sem. domains: - Cattle, 1.6.6 - Animal group, - Hoofed animals.)

odyong₁ [ódyong] n Nose ring to attach tether to water buffalo, cow. (sem. domains: - Cattle, - Beast of burden.)

simaron [simarón] n Kind of cattle, buffalo that is dangerous and wild in behaviour because they roll around in bad temper and charge with their horns; also used of people. (sem. domains: - Cattle.)

turo [túro] n 1Male hoofed animal (as of the general term e.g. male cattle or carabao, bull; male goat, billygoat; male sheep, ram). turo (sem. domains: - Sheep, - Cattle, 1.6.7 - Male and female animals, - Hoofed animals, - Goat, - Beast of burden.) 2 3 4 comp. turong kambing