huwas [huwás] vbt To abate, die or go down (as of a fever). bababá Mahuwas kag imo sagnat pag magtumar ka’t buyong. Your fever will die down if you take medicine. Ingpunasan ni Amy tong ida anak nak di sakit para huwasan it init. Amy wiped her sick child (with a wet sponge) to bring out the heat (of the fever). (sem. domains: - Decrease, - Fever.) der. pahuwas

huyo-huyo [huyo-huyó] v To have chills, be shaking with fever or cold. (sem. domains: - Fever.)

imbong [ímbong] vi To have a slight fever; to be hot to feel. sinat Ing-imbong sida ngani ya kahalin it bayay. She had a slight fever so she wasn’t able to leave the house. syn: sagnat 1, yugrangan it sagnat/init. (sem. domains: - Fever.)

pahuwas [pahuwás] (der. of huwas) vi To let, make a fever abate, go down; to bring out, reduce a fever. Nagpahuwas anay sida’t sagnat bag-o magsakay it dyip. She waited for her fever to abate before riding in the jeep. (sem. domains: - Decrease, - Fever.)

panghuyas [panghúyas] (der. of huyas) v To break out in a sweat from a fever. baba Habang nagkakayumbot tong anak it tamong ay ingpanghuyasan sida. While the child was covered with a blanket his fever broke out in a sweat. (sem. domains: - Fever, 2.2.6 - Sweat.)