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i- asp To be about to, almost (do something). i Itabokey tan-a nako it karsada pagrayan it dyip. I was about to cross the street when the jeep came by. syn: inug-- 1, manog-. (sem. domains: - Eventually, - Soon.)
i-ito [i-íto] n Fish species, Striped Catfish. Plotosus lineatus (Kuiter). (sem. domains: - Fish.)
ib-ib [íb-ib] v To wash away soil; to reduce by washing away; to cave in when rain comes (as of soil). gumuho Nag-iib-ib kag duta ni Tang Molong kada magbaha. The land of Tang Molong is caving in and washing away everytime there is a flood. (sem. domains: - Soil, dirt, - Flow, 7.9.1 - Damage.)
iba₁ [íba ] n Tree and fruit species; kamias. iba [The fruits are used to remove stains from clothing and washing the hands. They are also much used as seasoning.] Averrhoa Bilimbi (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)
iba₂ [ibá] 1n Other, another one. ibá (sem. domains: - Various, - Other.) 2adj Being the other, another. iba Tan-a ay makayakot sa ato tong iba. I hope the other ones will be able to join us. (sem. domains: - Various, - Other.) 3v To change, vary, do something in another way. (sem. domains: - Various, - Other.) 4n Different one. (sem. domains: - Different.) 5adj Different; other, another kind. (sem. domains: - Different.) 6v To change, do something different, strange or unnatural. (sem. domains: - Different, - Various.) comp. ag iba pa , der. iba-iba
iba₃ [ibâ] n Tree and fruit species with a tangy edible fruit. iba [The fruit is rounded, fleshy, acid, edible, and contains a hard, boney, six-to eight-grooved stones. The bark yields a decoction which is employed in bronchial catarrh. (Calatrava)] Cicca Acida (sem. domains: - Food from plants, - Medicinal plants.)
iba₄ [íba] 1n Participant; companion. (sem. domains: 4.1 - Relationships, 4.1.7 - Begin a relationship, 4.1.5 - Unity.) 2vbt To join in an activity with others; to accompany. kasali, kasama Nag-iba sida sa amo idamo. She joined in our game. Aibahan nida kag sadaw. She’ll join in the dance. Aibahan nako sida pa-merkado. I’ll accompany her to the market. syn: partisipar, yakot 1, umir 3, yamor 2, yakay 2, halo 1, halo 2. (sem. domains: - Join an organization.) 3vi To cohabit; to live together as man and wife. sama Nag-ibaey si Pedro ag si Maria. Pedro and Maria already lived together as man and wife. (sem. domains: 2.6.1 - Marriage.) der. magkaibahan , der. pakikipag-iba
iba-iba [iba-ibá] (der. of iba) 1adj Different kinds; varied, various. (sem. domains: - Different, - Various, - Strange, - Unusual.) 2vt To change, vary, do something different, strange or unnatural. ibahin Nag-iba sida it bisaya dahil natabuan sida sa ida impagtuan. She spoke with a different voice because she was bewitched when she went out somewhere. Aibahon nako kag tabas it ako baro. I’ll do something different with the design of my dress. (sem. domains: - Different, - Various, - Strange, - Unusual.)
ibabaw [ibábaw] (der. of babaw) loc 1Top, upper part or surface of something (as of things, water and locations e.g. high land). ibabaw Kag ida monika ay hagto nakita nak nagyuyutaw sa ibabaw it ragat. Her doll was seen floating on the top of the water out at sea. (sem. domains: 8.6.2 - Top, 1.3 - Water.) 2Above, up above; in the sky, heaven (as of in the place, world above). (sem. domains: 4.9.6 - Heaven, hell, 1.1 - Sky, - Above.) 3Upstairs, top floor, flat roof (as of in buildings). (sem. domains: - Floor, story.) der. ka-ibabawan , der. kauibabawan , der. paibabaw , der. pang-ibabaw , der. pangibabaw
ibadar [ibádar] (der. of badar) 1n Payment; what is paid for something. ibayád (sem. domains: - Pay, - Price, 6.8.6 - Money.) 2v To pay a certain amount of money for something. (sem. domains: - Pay, 6.8.6 - Money.)
ibakay [ibakáy] (der. of bakay) 1n Money to buy something with; the payment, means with which something is bought. bibilí (sem. domains: - Buy, - Price.) 2v To use a certain amount of money to buy something. (sem. domains: - Buy, 6.8.6 - Money.)
ibaligya [ibalígyà] (der. of baligya) 1n An Item to be sold. ibibénta (sem. domains: - Sell.) 2v To sell a certain thing. (sem. domains: - Sell.)
iban [íban] vt To decrease; to deduct; to take away from. bawas Aibanan nako it ruhang bilog kag imo mga mangga. I will take two pieces from your mangoes. syn: riso, buhin 2. (sem. domains: - Decrease.)
ibas₁ [íbas/ka-íbas ???] v To set, put one’s teeth, tongue on edge (as of an unpleasant reaction to eating a sour pineapple or tamarind). gasgas Nagkaibasan kag mga rila nina Raul pagkaon it pinda. Raul’s tongue was set on edge when they ate pineapple. (sem. domains: 2.3.3 - Taste.) der. nagkaibasan
ibas₂ [ibás] vi To get a scratch, mark on something (as of a mark on a varnished table). gasgas Naibasan kinang bagong syelak nak lamesa nak natamaan it bola. The newly varnished table was scratched when a ball hit it. (sem. domains: 7.9.1 - Damage.)
ibas₃ [íbas] 1sta To wear down, become worn down (as of the worn sole of a shoe). Naibas kag sandal pagbaktas it mayado. The sandal was worn down when we walked a long distance. (sem. domains: 5.3.6 - Parts of clothing, 7.9.1 - Damage, 7.9 - Break, wear out.) 2vt To be well used, used to something (as of certain words in a language, perhaps from another dialect etc). (sem. domains: - Known, unknown.) comp. ibasey
ibasey [ibaséy] (comp. of ibas, ey) n Promiscuous woman; [lit: worn-down already]. (sem. domains: - Sexual immorality.)
ibaydo [ibáydo] (der. of baydo) n 1Something that will be given in exchange, barter for something (as of an "in kind" item). (sem. domains: - Exchange, trade.) 2To give, barter something in exchange, for something else (as of an "in kind" item). (sem. domains: - Exchange, trade.)
ibha [íbha] v To accompany, go with someone somewhere. (sem. domains: 7.2.5 - Accompany.) comp. aya gipaibha sinra
ibir [ibír] n A flying lizard. tuko syn: hayo, tuki. (sem. domains: - Lizard, 8.2 - Big.)
ibis [ibís] n Dried small fish. dilis Nagbaligya ako it usang lata nak ibis. I sold one can of dried small fish. (sem. domains: - Dry, - Fish, 8.2.1 - Small, 6.4.5 - Fishing.)
ibisaya [ibisáya] (der. of bisaya) 1n Words to speak; something to say. (sem. domains: 3.5.1 - Say.) 2v To speak a certain thing (as of what one has thought, read, heard etc). (sem. domains: - Talk about a subject.)
ibitin [ibítin] (der. of bitin) 1n Something to hang up somewhere. (sem. domains: - Hang.) 2v To hang up a certain thing somewhere. (sem. domains: - Hang.)
ibiyahe [ibiyáhe] 1n Something to be transported a long distance (as of fruit, vegetables, fish etc. being sent by truck, boat to Batangas or Manila). (sem. domains: 7.2.4 - Travel, 7.3.8 - Transport.) 2v To transport certain things a long distance (as of bananas, fish, fruit, vegetables, fish etc. being sent by truck, boat to Batangas or Manila). (sem. domains: - Travel by land, - Travel by water.)
ibodega [ibodéga] (der. of bodega) 1n Something to put, store in a storeroom, warehouse. (sem. domains: 7.5.9 - Put, 7.4.5 - Keep something.) 2v To put, store a certain thing in a storeroom, warehouse. (sem. domains: 7.5.9 - Put, 7.4.5 - Keep something.)